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The Borrowers Burrowing Their Heads in The Sand

in money •  5 months ago 

If we let them they will milk as much as they can out of their users. So glad I stopped using traditional social media sites. What's your favourite coin? I hope theres a bull cycle again someday and see the price skyrocket but before then I'll continue to pick up "cheap" cryptocurrency

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Thats true. My favorite smaller coin ist IOTA. Its issue is the internet of Things. But i also like privacy coins like monero. And yours? Yes i Hope so too and accumulate :)

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I do like the idea of IOT and I can see its value but the projects currently in the space don't really look all that interesting yet. I know there's ITC and Chainlink, waltonchain and vechain trying to do similar work.

I really like STEEM naturally and what EOS has been doing too, don't agree with everything they do but keen to see where both projects end up.

Seems you're pretty ahead of the curve! I'm impressed. Have you bought anything with crypto yet?

Yes i understand what you mean. I just like in IOTA that it uses their TANGLE thats different from the blockchain. But honestly i do not really know much about Chainlink and ITC and the others ;)

I do not hold steem just the ones in my Account but its an interesting product. And i hold EOS too just to have it when Ethereum will not bei the first smart contract Platform. But i dont like the centralization of eos.
Yes i really Like the space its really interesting. Nice to hear another opinion on some cryptos.
No i havent bought something with Crypto because i See in it more an Investment. Honestly i Think we will See cryptocurrencies from Banks and the really decentralized currencies are an Investment. For example ist Bitcoin for me like digital gold because it is rare and i do not see why you should sell it for groceries or something when you think it will increase in price because its deflationaire. But that are just my thoughts in it. Do you bought something with it? ☺️

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Oh wow you've really done your research, I do like the concept of tangle I also like mimble wimble but until I see them actually doing something with these concepts I'm not willing to invest in it. I'd rather be late to the party lol can't win them all. I'm happy with the alts ive chosen and if I do find new ones in the future I think will be big I don't mind dropping a few $ in it.

I agree with EOS the governance is a bit of an issue, but I think that each chain will have its own problems and there won't be a perfect model for decentralisation, not with the scalablity trilemma still not solved. I think we will just have to decide how much decentralisation or centralisation we happy with when using a chain.

I think banks will use something like XRP they won't try to build their own perhaps some will like i know JP morgan tried but I don't know how well that's going to do, I think its best to leverage another chain.

I've bought things like Splinterlands cards, sent money to friends, paid freelancers but I haven't bought any goods with cryptocurrency.

At the moment I'm looking for more passive forms of income so I use tools like or kucoin softstaking to earn on my crypto by holding with them. I know its a risk but I think it's better to earn a little interest while the costs are still low

Yes i also like mimble wimble and its on my watchlist but i am not shure at this time if i want to invest ;)
Thats right but i hope Ethereum will scale soon ;) at the moment its my favorite in smart contract platforms.
Yes i think that too i also like coins which are a little Bit "older" in the crypto space Like xrp.
Oh i never heard about splinterland cards, Sounds interesting.
I also heard of staking and that should be the next big maybe you have luck i hope so! For me i am trying trading since one month but with a very small percentage of my Portfolio ;)

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You’ve really done your research, you should check out the steemleo site or tag it’s where you can find all sorts of crypto content.

We will see ETH 2.0 should be available next year with staking and sharding through Casper so it will be much more scalable! Will be interesting to see how dApps will take advantage of the new updates

What site are you trading on? Is there a specific pair that you like to trade?

Thanks yes i try to inform ne every day on Crypto News :) you also seem to be good informed!! Thanks for the tag i will definitly check it out.
Yes i heard of Ethereum 2.0 hope they will do Well.
I am Trading on bybit its very easy to use. No i am very new on the space so i use btc/USD . Do you trade ?

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Nice to meet someone who is so positive about crypto and not just focusing on the prices and being realistic

Are you using leverage trading on buybit or you just trading with your own funds? How is it working for you? We’re you able to make some profits?

I don’t trade it, it’s too time consuming lol! Maybe one day when I have enough stake or it’s worth enough to sit and trade but for now I have to focus on my job and earn fiat I can use to buy more crypto