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The Borrowers Burrowing Their Heads in The Sand

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You paint a pretty bleak picture, but I appreciate the honesty and the chance to learn what goes on on the ground. Things are bad here, and we're always sold the first world dream but it sounds more like empty promises now.

I am low key freaking out the more I learn and I feel like everyone is asleep at the wheel. What will it take for people to wake up and say this is no way to live?

What do you think your chances are of shifting the government to a more conservative approach? We're very much left-leaning this side since they're the party that gave us democracy and granted us civil rights so they're still running on that even though they've run the country into the ground

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Many Canadian citizens are like sheep and are easily taken in by media monopoly. It is difficult to quantify how many Canadians feel that sense of loss of liberty , and those that do are silenced by intimidation and legal threats. The only Right leaning party is vilified by the media and the political elite, any platform or venue of the Peoples Party of Canada is often shut down and deemed a 'Hate' group.

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Well it does take something radical to force change! People don’t see danger until they are falling off the cliff and that’s how we learn!

Sadly people love the status quo and believe it will always continue even if it’s not in their favour they will fight to protect it because it provides a false sense of stability

We had our elections this year and nothing changed nor did I expect it to! Short of war or famine or economic collapse people will keep repeating the same process! That’s how low the expectations of a government is, at least they haven’t pushed us into anarchy so we fine with pockets of it

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out over the next few years! There’s so much disruption coming that I think no one is ready for and it’s going to blind side people