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It is easy to overlook the simple fact of what cryptocurrency does.

In addition to all the other benefits, at the top of the list is the fact that cryptocurrency is not issued by any nation or central bank. It is stateless money.

This is a huge step in the evolution of society. We have seen throughout history how things can get restricted when there is not this separation.

Probably the most notable was the separating of religion from the state. We know that for thousands of years, especially in Western Europe, religion had a major part in what took place. In fact, leaders, i.e. Kings, were believed to be anointed from God. In many instances, the lineage was believed to trace directly back to God (or a god), thus giving them the right to power.

Even today, we still see the Catholic Church's influence around the world. Of course, it is not it once was but it is still a power broker in a country such as England. At the same time, we see many of the Islamic states operating according to the same principle, albeit with a different "God".

There are three countries that were the global leaders over the past 70 years. They were the United States, Soviet Union, and China. Each of those has an interesting take on this subject.

The United States was established with state affairs being separate from the religions. This was something that was intentionally done which provided great benefit, especially as the different Industrial Revolutions took place.

China and the Soviet Union obviously have separated any connection to religion. Being communist systems, they are basically agnostic, from a government standpoint. Depending upon the time period, these countries covered a spectrum where they were open to religion or completely closed to it.


Cryptocurrency is about to open up another avenue since currencies are no longer tied to governments around the world. The fact that anyone, in any country, can hold a cryptocurrency is a major starting point. This means that merchants can do the same, providing people with the ability to spend outside of governmental controls. Of course, this is not being well received with barriers being established.

The success of a cryptocurrency is also not dependent upon the actions of the government or a central bank. With the present system, the currency takes a hit if the government is run by incompetent or corrupt people. Venezuela is an example. The currency the populous holds is now worthless because of the actions of those in charge.

With cryptocurrency, this is not an issue. There is no government or leadership group that is running things. The entire world of cryptocurrency is becoming more decentralized by the day. Each new innovation offers up a different set of possibilities that are set forth by new people. This is starting to filter outward, reaching more people while presenting other opportunities.

There are 180 currencies in the world the United Nations recognizes. Those are all tied to nation-states. They are the ones in control. However, there are over 6,000 cryptocurrencies and growing. With fiat, how many currencies can people operate in? The truth is we usually only have one choice.

States crave power, usually for their own end. This means that having control over the money supply is detrimental to the general public. As the situation worsened over the last few decades, it is becoming clearer to those who are watching. The present system is enslaving most of humanity. There are only a few who benefit from it.

This is going to change. As cryptocurrency grows, there will be more projects owned by those who are "outside the system". This means we are going to see different ownership stakes as compared to what we are accustomed to. Since the present power brokers are focusing on stopping the paradigm shift instead of joining it, they are going to get eaten alive.

There is a tremendous amount of power in decentralization and distributed systems. We now have one with money that is providing just that.

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Interesting. I wonder if any religions have started their own 'official cryptocurrency'.
Probably not the Amish; but religious groups with worldwide reach, thinking Mormons, Jehovah's witnesses etc.
If the church says, 'This token has value, accepted by our congregation, worldwide', then it's going to have value.

LOL no I wouldnt expect the Amish has embarked into the world of crypto. It just does not seem to fit their outlook on life. I am not sure if they advanced to power tools yet.

As for the religions, I do not see why not. What you state here makes a lot of sense. If Facebook can bring out a token why cant the Catholics, as an example, do the same thing yet on a decentralized blockchain. They can reward people for showing up to church each week.

I think we are going to see a lot of things that will make out heads spin in the next few years. Do not count the religions of the world out of this.

Posted via Steemleo

Something with clear, strong, central leadership; like the Scientologists, for example.
It's almost certain to happen at some point. Interesting to ponder.

cryptocurrency in the world of today is a blessing in my own opinion....

Posted via Steemleo

Great and powerful thoughts you shared here. We are already in the future. Many governments are actually fighting Crypto out of envy. But truly, they can't succeed. Crypto is here to stay and the more adoption and real time use cases we have, the better.

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