SPUD9 Power Up At First Day Of Happy New Year

in myanmar •  3 months ago 

Hello all friends...
Happy New Year 2020!
May all friends be healthy wealthy and happy, I wish.

Today is First day of 2020 and Steem Power Up Day #SPUD9.

I have targeted to be Steem Power 2020 at (01/01/2020).
So, I Power Up 120.355 STEEM.
Before I Power Up, my account had Steem Power 1899.645.
Now, my account have 2020 SP.
So, I am very Enjoyful because of my target of 2020 year first day have completed.
I hope Year 2020 will be The Year of STEEM!
Let us go to the moon with the Great STEEM by SPUD Rocket!

MSC 193

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စောစောစီးစီး ဝီရိယကောင်းလှပါလား ကိုဟိန်း

ကြိုးစားမှ တိုးပွားမယ်လေဗျာ

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Thanks @golden.future for making #spud important Happy New Year 2020!

Thank you.
Happy New Year @streetstyle

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Well done on your SPUD almost at 2000 SP I hope you reach dolphin this year only 3000 more to go

Thank you. Nice to meet you. I will try to be dolphin.

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Special thanks

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