Triping And Photographing In The Nature

in myanmar •  8 months ago  (edited)

Good night All friends...
Because of I love the Nature,
I had to trip in the natural forest often.
And I had to photograph the natural beauty.
Is this waterfall so beautiful?
I felt cool and peace at thus place.
The natural Green Forest made me fresh.
And you?

Welcome from Myanmar, the beautiful country!

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SteemLeo is a platform dedicated to investing-related content. It's not about rabbits, running or nice photography. Use that tag wisely. Downvoted only to reduce Leo rewards.

Okey Ok

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@golden.future Using the right hash tags for your post ultimately is better in the long run for your posts. Using in correct tags can lower the SEO ranking of your article, cause you grief from other Steemians, and overall just doesn't look good.

I suggest, if you can edit your post and remove the hash tags that don't belong, it would look better overall for your post and your account. Steemians are protective of the Steem blockchain, and some might consider this abuse. Anyhow, take care, and let me know if you have any quesitons.

ps, They are nice images too!!

Thank for your attention.
I will conduct deal with using hash tags carefully.

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Wow, so good!

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Special thanks

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You're welcome. Sorry I can't vote as my voting power is low 🙏

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