Beautiful natural scenery around Aceh Takengon

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this is the third day we stayed at central Aceh. today we don't visit tourist attractions. today we decided to walk while seeing the natural beauty around. Central Aceh is a location on the highlands. the weather here is very cool. and there are many beautiful natural scenes.



I take lots of photoshoot when walking. this is a photo shoot of rice fields around which there are many high mountains. I really like scenes like this. I'm sure you like it too.



besides that I also took photos from high land. from above I can see a lot of natural beauty there are many rice fields, and there is a lake. The lake is called a freshwater sea lake. it looks very beautiful. I really like the natural scenery that can be seen from the high land.


I say many thanks for visiting my blog. if you have some corrections in my post, let me know your opinion and do not hesitate to comment below. I want to share this content with @xpilar, @tonyz, @always1success, @gidlark, @harkar, @r2cornell @streetstyle, and others.

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Sampek ke takengon cari referensi

sekalian liburan dek.

Takengon City, Central Aceh is a natural tourism destination that is very beautiful and amazing. Many tourist attractions there @almazzhr I have posted several tourist attractions in the City of Takengon. Besides that, Tekengon city has become a transit city across Aceh in the southern region.

Yes takengon is very beautiful. I really like being there

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