Spring Feelings ... A Countdown to Spring ... (Day 18)

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Only 62 days ... Yes you read that right. We are getting closer to the first official spring day.

And when I look outside today, I finally see another wonderful sunshine. In addition, the temperature in the Netherlands is still not really low, or winters. In fact, it looks more like spring than winter.

Spring seems to peak around the corner.

No it's not 15 degrees, but it feels like spring is peeking around the corner. The apple tree is already making new shoots, and our Viburnum Snowball that should bloom in winter ... it does nothing! It's just too hot for that shrub. That is actually a shame ... but it seems that our nature is really upset by the warm temperatures so far.

I love to photograph butterflies.

Well, at least we don't see any butterflies yet ... and butterflies always provide that real spring feeling. It is not always nice to see butterflies, if you are growing vegetables and the caterpillars of your butterflies eat your cauliflower or broccoli completely bald you will not be happy, but at the same time seeing a beautiful butterfly always makes me a real get a spring feeling. And I think they are great to photograph.

One of the most common butterflies.

On the photo a beautiful atalanta butterfly, also known as the Admiraalvlinder. It is one of the most common butterfly species in the Netherlands and Belgium. And it is the butterfly that you will see the longest in the season before the winter begins. In the south it can even fly around on very sunny winter days.

Expect them back in the beginning of March.

This butterfly deposits its eggs or the nettle! This butterfly is a migratory butterfly and will hibernate in the warmer areas. They sometimes try to hibernate in the Netherlands, but so far it has turned out to be unsuccessful. The first butterflies return to our country early in the year, and that is around the beginning of March. So keep your eyes open, and when you see these butterflies fluttering around again ... then you know that spring is coming!

Still 62 days before the official start, ... but maybe this butterfly is earlier.

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What a sweet and optimistic post! Chuckling a little here in tropical Thailand where I'm sweating at dusk in the middle of "winter" too. But appreciate your lovely attitude to LOOK FOR the signs of spring and warmth and home. Lovely.

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Thank you for your compliments. I'm trying to see the positive every day in the little things around us ... Yes your winter is a bit different from mine.

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