Spring Feelings ... A Countdown to Spring ... (Day 30)

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50 days separate us from Spring.

Flowers like candles

Every year it is a feast to see our chestnut tree blossom in the spring. This deciduous tree really blooms in a fantastic way, with its flowers that look like upright candles it is a feast for the eyes to look at the tree. An impressive tree. Unfortunately, the fruits of our tree are toxic to humans. There is a kind of chestnut that is edible, and also very tasty, but unfortunately this is not.

A joy in spring and summer.

So where we really enjoy our tree in the spring, have a fantastic natural shelter from the rain in the summer and a wonderful place to sit in the shade ... in the fall as soon as the chestnuts fall and the leaves fall ... it is actually a litter maker. We have to clean up the chestnuts because otherwise our entire front garden would be full of chestnut trees in no time and it is bad for the grass to leave it. In contrast to the leaf which would be a great winter cover.

Almost enjoy these flowers.

But let's not get ahead of things now. I am just so happy that we are crawling towards spring, a little closer every day. And that I can almost enjoy these flowers again.

Something more about the chestnut tree.

Is there more to tell about this chestnut tree? Certainly, if you don't enjoy the beautiful flower enough, the tree itself will appreciate a little more if I tell you that there is certainly more to be done with the chestnuts.

The chestnuts are an excellent food for pigs, horses and deer, for example, but apart from that, this beautiful tree also has quite a few useful properties in the form of healing power. Yes, healing power. Where the chestnut is toxic to humans, there are certainly positive things to say about this well-known tree.

  • You can use the horse chestnut leaves to treat eczema and painful periods. They also prevent soft tissue swelling due to fractures and sprains. Also painful joints benefit from the use of the leaves of this tree.
  • The bark can be used in treatments against malaria and dysentery. In addition, studies are also underway on the outcome of treating lupus and skin conditions that cause ulcers with horse chestnut bark.
  • The seeds contain a substance called aescine. It has been proven that this substance has a very positive effect on the veins. It promotes blood circulation and helps make the walls of the vessels strong. It also reduces inflammation and leg pain. That is why this substance, and therefore the seeds of this tree, are often used in medicines against varicose veins, for example.

Learned much about this tree.

Hmmm when I came to live here about five years ago, and for the first time discovered the beautiful flowers in the tree in the spring, I didn't know either ... but as I became more fascinated by the tree, I started looking it up. And since then I look at the tree with different eyes. You now that you've read this?

When the chestnut blooms spring is coming.

Well, even if you don't, it doesn't matter. I cannot wait until I will discover the first flowers again, to be able to enjoy the fact that I am sure that spring is coming. Because if the temperature is not high enough ... this tree will not blossom. If spring isn't coming yet ... I'll have to wait a long time. So I say let the tree bloom. It is AND a beautiful sight, AND good to know that it will really be spring.

Still 50 days to wait ...

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