Neoxian contest: What are your five favorite tribes

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This post is my entry into a contest by @Zaku from the Neoxian City Tribe. He is running a contest to support other communities on Steem-Engine. The prize for this contest is a 10,000 NEOXAG Power delegation divided amongst the five winners or 2000 NEOXAG Power Delegation to each winning Community. The delegation will be for 1 month from the Delegation given date. The contest rules are that we can nominate up to 5 communities with a brief explanation of why we picked each community. I wish to say “Thank you” to @Zaku for hosting this contest.

My Nominees

I think they need the delegation to help power up their bidbot which functions as a sink to burn coins and increase the Token value or power their spam bot to keep the tribe feed free of spam.
This tribe called Steemleo is a blog by and for investors. I like this tribe because not only is the site devoted to investing, but also the developers have daily posts explaining different aspects of cryptocurrency investing which makes being a participant in this all the more valuable. Lastly this tribe has six different ways to make money from staking, mining, delegating, posting, curating and weekly contests. This tribe is incredible for both education about money and opportunities to make money.

I think they should get the delegation so they can reward contributors and curators more through their upvote bot, which is SteemPowered so your delegation will help.
RealityHubs is a social media platform where everyone gets rewarded for sharing their perspectives on products, nature, photographs, and other visuals. You can earn by creating and curating contents.
Reality (RHB) token is used in rewarding content on If your interests include any visual art projects like photography, nature or other visual products you should check out this new community, which involves sharing what we do every day with our cars, phones, watches, clothes, shoes, foods, etc.

I think they should get the delegation to increase the SteemPower of their feed curators, so they can upvote creatives more and reward people contributing to the community.
This is a Tribe for creatives, who post Original Music Recordings, Music Performance (Covers or Originals), Written Compositions in Sheet Music Form, Musical Instrument creation or repair, Music Theory, Music Journalism, Art, Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Digital Art, Photography, Visual Arts, Creative Videos, Film, Motion Pictures, Claymation, Creative Writing, Fiction, Poetry, Short Stories, 50 Word Stories, Creative Non-Fiction, Crafting, Jewelry Making, Home Improvement Projects, Gardening, Sustainability Projects, Off-grid Projects, Cooking, Theatre, Acting, Dancing, Architecture, Graphic Design, Performance art, Costume and Fashion design , Makeup tutorials, comedy sketches, etc.If you post on any of these area or enjoy curating them this is your tribe!

I think they should get the delegation to help increase their curation reward people who produce good content, but haven’t bought much battle. Large brew area will encourage this younger population tribe to stay.
This is a community for gamers and so you see lots of articles about video games old and new, along with super cool still shot photographs and short move clips. It the advantage over some of the more limited tribes that only allow you to post about one game. The environment is friendly and light hearted.
They providing a tribe for gamers.


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