It is #NSPUD to me! Powering up and going strong to be a Dolphin soon!

in newsteem •  5 months ago 

I am joining the positive posts about #newsteem as I also see the positive impact of #newsteem in my small curation rewards.

I have read various posts about what people think about #newsteem (recent posts of @paulag, @aggroed, @anomadsoul, @kevinwong) and the impact of it. I am also closely following my curation rewards on SteemWorld. Although I must confess that it took a while since I joined Steem to understand the voting behavior and using the right tools like SteemAuto, meaning that my voting behavior is also improved, I clearly see a positive movement of my curation rewards.

Since I joined Steem, I try to do my part for this platform. So whether it is by commenting, voting, actively developing, curating... I do my "thing" and I have fun.

And especially because of that feeling of having fun, I decided to POWER UP. After powering up 690 SP, I just passed 2700 SP, passing the halfway of becoming a Dolphin. If it goes like this, hopefully within no time I will reach that rank ;)

With 2.5K PAL & 2.7K STEEM I am all in!

Enjoy the #newsteem!

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Welcome aboard 🙌 ! Newsteem is changing my view on the Steem ecosystem.
Here is an upvote to help you out to reach more SP 😂

Thanks a lot! I appreciate it!

yepppeeeeeee nice!!!!

:)) indeed!

It is cool that you improve your position into this awesome ecosystem.

Thanks a lot for the support!

Keep at it. I'm slowly trying to work my way to dolphin status as well. I have half the SP that you have. I do have a rejuvenated spirit with Steem though. Good luck

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Thanks mate! Good luck to you too!

Excellent!!! !BEER for you

Thanks for your support!

~Smartsteem Curation Team

Thanks for the nice upvote team!