I have grabbed my steem, have you ?

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We all are talking of waiting for big investors to come for steem, but having many small investors investing in steem will even make it better.

I was planning to add more steem to my wallet from some time, but after crypt being banned in India, it was hard for me to figure out and buy BTC and then convert to steem. One of my friend agreed to buy BTC from Coinbase and I sent him the amount to his Indian account thus saving me exchange fees. Few days back he bought the BTC at price of $9705 and I invested Rs 2 lakh for the BTC purchase. And since then I was waiting to buy steem, with lot of speculation to try to buy as much as possible. And yesterday, after the market crashed, my BTC value was much down, but I was not heart broken, because I did not buy BTC to encash ( even I don't have a way), but rather convert it to Steem.

And while I was watching the market blood bath yesterday, I thought, it was a good time to convert to steem. When I closed my day at 11.30 pm India time, the market was crashing and steem also was crashing, but it was still not at what I was looking for. So before going to sleep, I had placed a limit order and when I checked this morning, it was filled up.

My Steem.png

So it made my happy, but you know our curiosity always pulls us to feel like could I have bought more in the same BTC amount 😝😁, so I went and checked the price in last few hours. As you can see, it actually went till 0.00001484 BTC, so I actually lost few hundred steems, but it was worth the sleep 😎

Market at 3 am.png

Because by the time I started looking at the price , it already was near the price that I bought, and the market actually looks pretty impressive in terms of people buying large amount of steems.


Now I am looking for ways to transfer the steem to my wallet, but I did it long back and not able to recollect how to do it now. Has anything changed with recent hot fix that will change the process of transferring steem to steem wallet ?

If someone can guide me on how to transfer from Bittrex to Steem Wallet, or point me to a post, that would be very helpful.

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Interesting. I bought some steem this morning and leased some steem power from Dlease. I think the value of steem will go further down before hitting the bottom.

Bottom ? why do you think so ? Its already at the bottom :)
By the way, I already powered up , so I would consider that as a misfortune but. Even that was already the case with my BTC , SO I would just leave it here :)

@sanjeevm happy to read this and meet you here sir. You can convert BTC to steem through @blocktrades. Send the amount of BTC to BTC wallet on blocktrades, convert in to steem, deposit it in to your steem account.

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Ya. I thing, its right time to convert.
The steem price will go high, i believe

Nice move Sanjeev. This is a huge investment at one go. I have been building up steem and powering it up at regular intervals as I do believe STEEM to be the real game changer in the field of Social media.. great move friend. Cheers..

Hi @sanjeevm
This is wonderful power-up. Kudos to your vision with STEEM and glad to see this. Congratulations for this amazing action in steem. Have a great time..

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That's really a good load of investment Sanjeev. I have been on Steem since the price of Steem was around 6$. I have been investing little by little from then on. I also saw extreme height of BTC when the price hit around 18000$ and when the price dropped to 2,700$. But I have always felt that I missed the opportunity when the price of BTC hit 2700$. Because again watched it pump till 12000$.

So, I guess the cycle will repeat and we will be able to see the price of BTC back in those values. With the New Steem, I feel that the price of Steem will also pump sooner or later.

I use Instashift to purchase Steem directly using INR. I guess today I will be purchasing some more Steem with FIAT.

Great seeing making such a brave move like this in such volatile conditions.
At some point - when Steem was about 3$ - and I had some Ethereum I have sold it and bought some Steem. And to tell you the truth that wasn't a good investment for me. Thus I am still hesitating if to invest or not...

Even I had bought it when it was near 1 $, but given that now it was low, I thought to buy more. At best I can loose them all :)

Congratulations @sanjeevm!
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