After Spudx I am thinking of Burn for stardust.

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Hi Friend , I think all of you are aware of the nextcolony

Recently i saw developer burned the large amount of stardust that was offered in presale. Actually stardust did not get the demand that can move up the price that can move up its price.


So I think , instead of burning the reserve stardust, we can buy stardust from the market( keep it burning and this will reduce the supply of the stardust.

How to burn?
I created this post with the intention of using the liquid rewards of this post for buying stardust from the market and burn it. Hope all of you guys and nextcolony gamers will shower your love and upvote generously.
Furthermore I will burn all the leo rewards also that will be earned from this post.

Hope you are enjoying the game.

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Nextcolony is a cool project. Awesome to have their token on the LeoDex. Burning is always great ;)

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You mean you are going to make in game purchases with Stardust, right? Why waste a precious resource.

I am going to buy stardust and will send it to null, I am already earning stardust from game, let it gain some more value by burning and help others to get some good price those who are selling it.

What about Buffs? I'm not sure about this, but I think you burn the Stardust when you purchase them.

I think buff stardust is burned or go to prize pool but look like we need more burn mechanism.

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