Nextcolony: I find my first planet today.

in nextcolony •  4 months ago 

Hi friends.
Today I am extremely happy as I found my first planet. I do not know how many exploration I have done. I never get any success. In fact I again started focusing on my research . But still I feel the need of nice planet near my base. So I purchased a planet (highlighted in a blue.) . This purchased planet has already have large number of explorer deployed. So I just decided to do a exploration. Luckily, my first exploration from this planet , found a nice new planet (highlighted in yellow.)


For quite a few days , I am investing my time and money in the nextcolony game. I have purchased stardust (nextcolony , in game currency) and planets. I am pleased with the progress and the ideas that game developers are bringing in the game. I guess since it is slow game so currently it has not gathered popularity but I think new development of buff will be used to solve.
Game has recently completed 10 million transaction so it shows that it has a fairly loyal player base that are daily playing and transacting in the blockchain.

I am hoping for my good growth in game as well as growth of the game in the coming days.

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I just built my 1st scout, no idea how to use it LoL, I'm in no rush!

That's great, Make sure you follow the discord channel of the game.

OK thanks.

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