Slowly, i still live under a Military Autocratic Regime

in nigeria •  4 months ago 


Nigeria is under a full blown dogmatic military government, whatever the media is broadcasting about a democratic system of Government is a lie, i'm a living witness and most of our freedom is gradually been taken away by day and by week. The President of my country was once a military General and head of state, gradually we are been shuffled back to that military rule where tyranny is celebrated and humanity is left in shambles.

Recently, several news agency and newspaper outlet indicated that they will henceforth address the president as in his former military rule, General Mohammad Buhari is what the media use now due to reasons not beyond unlawful arrest of civilians, lack of respect for the rule of laws, secret services clam down on opposing activists to the present Government and instances of religion intolerance. This are basically what citizens endured during the Military era and now being brought back unto us on a platter of gold.

Never have i been a fan of politics, in fact i haven't taken part in Major Elections for decades because its absolute worthless, every elections are rigged by the state powers, i still blame citizens for much of our travails because we voted him in for the second tenure and it seems is now coming back to bite us in the butt.

Hopefully, things don't get damaged more than it is now, i strongly hoped that most of our fears don't become a reality. From leaked sources, the agenda of our president is not a good one, he plans to Islamize our country at the same time throw the country into huge Debts based on the amounts been requested from China and other countries. I hope we haven't be totally wrecked!

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