I hate steem.. let me go back to Instracrap and Faceboooook

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Steem is unfair.. Steem is whales versus the little people.


Rage quit..


Look around..


Hey.. guy's why are you liking poking and thumbs upping me but I ain't getting even a penny.

What? Yoy mean I post my private thoughts, pictures, opinions.. and it's being sold to someone else?

What You mean I post my private thoughts, pictures, opinions.. and I'm being tracked?

Yah.. what was I complaining about again?


Glass half empty is seeming glass half full now.

You earned a penny? Better then them earning while you earn nothing?


Free cryptocurrency? Social, inter-active, networking, life.

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You are correct on this. The Fakebook offers nothing other than giving the government all the information it gets for spying on us.

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Remember @bearbear613, it's not about the money, it's about the community and sense of belonging

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This blockchain and I have a very unusual relationship. On one hand it entertains and rewards, on the other hand it consumes precious time that could be directed in more profitable ways.

I blog "as if". I blog as if STEEM were somewhere between $0.80 and $1.00 If I am fortunate enough to redeem rewards for a post supposedly worth "$2.00" I do the math in my head and see that it's $10.00 - $15.00 in the future. Is this the actual future? Or just the future in my head? Only time can resolve that question. :-0

I don't know of any other social media that can offer me even a few pennies for my thoughts.

!giphy optimistic

You are probably spending the same amount of time if you were on facebook. Profitable? We could all be working 24 / 7 being more profitable. Fact is people who are starving benefit from steem. It might even still be a lifeboat.

If you look at it like a social network that can help people.. well it's different. Where the money comes from.. who takes from that money is questionable. But a lot of light can certainly make light in the darkness.

See it like you are blogging for what is 0.12 cents or whatever.

If this is your entertainment you are more than likely learning more, being more social, and even profiting a a tiny bit. I have rage quit before because of all the corruption I have seen. That being said, I have certainly made connection with people I care about and projects I like.

The strange thing is I earn more in the bearish environment just from participation. I have come to peace with how things are, and what 'should' change. To be honest I don't know what could change.. playing around with downvotes and upvotes.. percentages.. burning. MEH

Just enjoy man. Life is short. If this is not paying the bills you can still do something else. But even remember with right networking and connections you could still 'earn'. I'm not here to make money; because I already made money. I have let my expectations dwindle on why I stick around. Fact is.. I can't be myself on facebook.. maybe not here either.. but more here than the ladder.

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