It's Crypto Mondays - Focus On The 'Will'

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And here we go....

We had a little bit of everything tonight!

The big news....China embraces crypto???? And so the bulls showed up again....

But we were just getting started!

Be sure to swing by, say hi and enjoy the most amazing tribe on Steem!


The Union Is Here!

Blockchain meets Affiliate Marketing....

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Great show as always and a bunch of useful information inside for content creators!

Appreciate it man, glad you liked it.

Thank you so much for sharing on the will

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Thanks for the comment!

You are welcome sir

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Thanks for a great show @jongolson, and really great advice about content creation, 5 important points that helps a lot to make you create better content that will see more readers and get more engagement, and also allows you to be more productive, and even China gets it, it's awesome.

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lol yeah once China goes all in, it's time lol

Thanks @jongolson, yeah that's a good measure of it's maturity, stay awesome.

@tipu curate

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Thanks man, no idea what this Tipu Curate thing is, but it's caught my attention lol

Tipu used to be a service where you could buy upvotes, but since newsteem came along that does not really work anymore.

So now people can be curators for tipu trying to find valuable content that then receives an upvote after the tipu curate command is given.

If the curator is good at finding this high value content, he receives more control over the tipu upvote power.

Nice, thanks brilliant....Very cool new way of doing things.

As always, another awesome show. Sadly I could not make the live feed as I had to attend a fundraiser, so thanks again Jon for recording these.

So many memorable moments, and here are my fav 4:

  1. @jonolson sharing @blainjones comment on the best strategy for making money here on Steem: earn more so you can earn more;
  2. Blain: get a logo from someone who can design logos for 2019 not 2005, then find somebody to build sales pages for you;
  3. Jon: highly recommended you use not, as .com doesn't like any affiliate ads at all;
  4. Jon at the end: some will, some won't, focus on the will that is those people who do turn up for you.

We always get such gems from these CTP videos; very instructive and a must-view for all steemians interested in affiliation and brand building.