A Good Day In My DQ On Splinterlands

in palnet •  6 months ago 

Hey everyone! I hope all is well. Tonight’s post is another about one of our favorite Steem Blockchain games, Splinterlands. Well yesterday in my DQ, I was plugging along winning battles and I was surprised at my pull. Take a look.

This was probably my best pull yet in terms of an ROI from a few battles. 2 epics worth around $0.44 for the Brownie and a massive $14.50-$15 for the GF Imp Bowman. So together that is around $15-15.50 and that well surpasses the amount I earn from the season ending rewards. I am thinking I will sit on it for a little while to see what happens with the price, but it is extremely tempting to sell to make a few upgrades on the rest of my deck. I think either way it will be a good investment that has the potential to grow with time.

Thanks for reading and stopping by!

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