Got Some More GF Cards In My Splinterlands Rewards

in palnet •  7 months ago 

Hey everyone! Just a quick post tonight. I have been pretty busy and not had the time to read or write anything. Here is how I did in my rewards.

I have been extremely lucky recently with my rewards cards. I have also bought a few packs recently and have gotten more gold than I probably should have. So I am going to ride my luck until it runs out. Haha! In the next day or two I am going to try to get a post-up with some of my recent beta pack purchases. These will ultimately help my decks value really grow and give me a better ROI. My question is how have you been doing with GF lately?

Thanks for reading and stopping by!

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I am getting close on some of the reward cards to make level 8 commons!. Soon they can replace my other cards. Keep grinding that daily growth!

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