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Hey everyone. Well, I have been accumulating some DEC on my Splinterlands account for several weeks now. Instead of pulling some out of the game, I decided to reinvest it. First, I purchased an orb and am currently using the mystery potion. So, how has my luck been going with them? Have a look. First up is the orb.

These are okay cards, but they are nothing special. It would have been much more profitable to just buy them individually, but the hopes/thrill of possibly getting a GF legendary makes us want to give it a shot. Out of all the orbs I have bought, I have only gotten one several weeks ago with a positive ROI. As I previously mentioned, I am currently one day into my mystery potion and so far it can only go up from here. On Day 1, I got a regular creeping ooze. I am going to get something good before the rest of the time is up. Maybe I can get lucky with a few packs, orbs, or hopefully the legendary dragon summoner, but we will see.

Also, recently I did have a little luck with my DQ and picked up a Ruler of the Seas. Not a bad day when you can get a $5 card just by winning a couple of battles.

Thanks for reading and stopping by!

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I love the RotS. It's an epic card to use through the lower leagues and in to silver. With everyone have a Lord Arianthus with reflect, the water splinter was my go to before magic became easy to defeat.

I haven't picked up any orb cards for months. I'm concentrating on using my DEC to improve summoners. Then hoping to use the higher levels to generate more DEC and buy ORBS.... Well that's the plan anyway.

Yup, I pretty much only use him with monster lose all abilities, they all have snipe. Too much void, silence, reflect to get much use. I still like water for double snipe and that electric eel. Water at the lower levels is usually an easy win.

Great pull on the RotS. Pulling a legendary is the best feeling in you daily quests. Makes all that grinding really pay off. I am banking on this card going up as new players join and it's no longer printed. Getting it to level is a must for gold league and below. I am hoarding all the ones I can find

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