Splinterlands Rewards From The Season Ending

in palnet •  8 months ago 

Hey everyone! I hope all is well. I know this is a little late, but here are my rewards from this last season of Splinterlands. Let’s see how I did.

I have to say this was a pretty good pull for the season rewards. A gold Vampire, some Rares, and a Legendary Ruler of the Sea. I cannot complain with results like that. Haha! The Legendary card is worth around $3.50 and the gold is worth around $0.70, so just those two cards are worth over $4. How did you do this season?

Thanks for reading and stopping by!

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Nice work buddy, that's some solid pulls.

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I never have exciting things to say about steem monsters so I realize this means I don’t give your posts enough love!

Just here to say hi! 👋🏻