Trading on Steem-Engine... Playing around...

in palnet •  6 months ago 

So, like everyone else, I have received some SE tokens from some tribes.
There are some tokens I would like to further invest in like PAL, CCC, MARLIANS, LEO etc.

Since short, I started to try some trading on Steem-Engine in order to increase the amount of tokens I am interested in.
I saw some people already sold all their SE tokens and converted everything to STEEM and transferred the STEEM out, but I prefer to play around a bit on the Steem-Engine DEX.

So far so good, I am having fun :)

I will share some of my trading results after some time.

Give it a try yourself ;)

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I tried trading but gave up on it. Hard to trade when your traded asset goes down.
I mostly sell liquid pals and other coins without a purpose and reinvest in a select few to hodl - mostly because I find the idea interesting or funny.
Don't judge me on my ASS, SHIT, BEER and CAT :D
My most successful so far was the ADDAX trading game

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Hahah no judging here dont worry :)
I am trying to do the same, mostly invested in PAL though. Sad to see the price of it dropped more than 50% since I bought 😂 Nvm, I still like it.
LEO and MARLIANS are also interesting...

Playing around a bit, I have some little successes with some, and unexpected failures with other tokens 😂

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