3 days away from Steem and it takes a while to get caught up again!

in palnet •  7 months ago 

I have not even been over to Steem Engine yet this morning and I still need to go vote with my PAL account, But I did go to Blocktrades and buy enough of this ridiculously low priced Steem to bump my account up, and with powering up the SBD Leaderboard prize that I received from @eSteem this morning I now have Double Dolphin numbers and I am celebrating!

I don't know as much as I would like to know about Crypto investing, but even I can see what a fantastic investment Steem is right now!

It was a hot weekend in Chicago, but we went all over and my kids showed me how easy it is to get around in the city on my scooter using public transportation. Chicago is a wonderfully accessible city. It is easy for people with even severe disabilities to get around.



Even with the cooler breeze off Lake Michigan, it was still hot!



Have a lovely Monday!

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Thanks for the leaderboard prize!

Howdy Melinda! I'm glad you're back and I'm glad to hear the time in Chicago was wonderful. How hot was it there? That's a great set of pictures that gives us a good idea of the scenery and location.

It's good to be back to my comfy chair! And my routine! It was sunny and hot all weekend. mid 90s I don't work up much of a sweat when I am on my scooter, but even so I was often searching for shade! 90s here today, too. I think I will just stay indoors!

Was it windy there? Because it feels alot hotter with no wind. 90's is hot enough, ya'll aren't used to the heat.

Not much of a breeze... Just humidity so heavy that the air felt thick!

It's amazing that these places so far North are so humid, I always think of the deep South being humid.

Congrats with your SP pump! ))

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Thanks! 10,000 has been a long time coming!

Sure, for me it sounds like a space travel! ))

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Nice you got to chicago i'm in michigan right now camping in the rain lol.

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Hope you didn't get too wet!

Bottom of the tent was a lake hope it doesn't rain again tonight.

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I remember that happening once when I was camping, but I woke up and left the campground at 3am and went in search of a hotel room! You are far more dedicated than I was! Hope you stay dry tonight!

Congrats on achieving double dolphin Melinda!

Thank you! My goal has been to reach 10000. before the hardfork so I am quite pleased!

sometime i miss enjoying a normal life and enjoy every moment

Thank you! It was certainly a weekend that showed me new possibilities, but now I'm back home to my usual routine.

Beautiful pictures of Chicago💙 and congratulations achieving double dolphin

Thanks! I had a grand time.

I'm sure it was like that. And that makes me very happy for you

Looks like fun! Have you found a good place for pizza, yet? Is it easy to acess the L with a scooter?

When I was headed to Spain, I had to go to the consulate on Michigan Ave twice. Sine I lived there three years, that was five times. The last year, they actually sent my passport back via FedEx, so a second trip wouldn't be necessary.

We ordered in Giordano's deep dish pizza one night and watched Chernobyl on TV. The pizza was outstanding. There is an express bus to downtown the stops at the end of their block, so that is what we used to get downtown. We didn't use the L, but the Red Line is very near my son's place and they are going to be renovating it completely over the next few years, so I'm expecting that it will soon be state-of-the-art and perfectly accessible. Hope you were able to do some fun stuff while you were there!

Double dolphin? Never heard that before

Got to celebrate each milestone, even if we have to make some of them up!

Woohoo Double Dolphin that i impressive well done :)

Thanks! My goal has been to reach that milestone before the hard fork, so I have been watching closely for them to announce the HF date, and was glad that it had been delayed long enough for me to reach my goal.

its a very impressive achievement one I am very far from LOL

You will be there before you know it!

Lol it seems to grow so slowly but with time I will 😎

It does take forever, especially when you are watching the numbers. I had 400 to go to get to 10,000 and it seemed like it was growing at a snails pace. When I saw how low the price was I simply couldn't resist giving it a boost!

I did have some cash sitting there that I was almost going to put into teem, but then come ND falters that I have had in my wishlist for quite a while dropped in price for prime day by $150 si I wet ahead and ordered them so no buying any for me just yet

I bought some Prime Day stuff, too. Just household supplies that I noticed were on sale. Nothing fun like yours will be.

Congrats on achieving double dolphin Melinda and glad your having or had a great break are you full on steemit as yet or still holidaying :)

Thanks,luv! I'm home again and have had enough real life social activity to keep me satisfied for a while. It's good to be back in the woods!

Nice to hear your back home safe i bet all them Chipmunks were happy to see you back home...lol :)

I just came in from outdoors and they were running around underneath my scooter. Silly little things! I always have to be careful that I don't run over one!

You see that's how much they missed you they were willing to die for you...lol :)

Dear Melinda, @melinda010100 I congratulate you on this achievement!


You always have very interesting publications and photos!
And today, of course, is no exception!
This city is very beautiful!

Thanks so much for your kind words, my friend!

Congrats on your achievement 🐬🐬😀

Congrats on double dolphin Melinda.
Lovely pics. I’m glad you are having a good time in the Chicago.

Thanks Jo! I'm home again now, but it certainly was a lovely 3 day weekend visit!