While You Were Sleeping in the USA the Price of STEEM Came Alive, What's Going On ??? I Don't Know But I Like It !!

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I Should have Went To Sleep Hours Ago but I just Could Not Do It since I was not that Tired..........

Watching the Price Of STEEM has Re-Awakened Me and I Need to Start to Post More Than Once a Month..........

Screenshot_2020-01-18 Steem (STEEM) price, charts, market cap, and other metrics CoinMarketCap.png
This is a One Day Chart of The Past 24 Hours............

Did You Know That While You Were Sleeping that your Account Was 30% Higher in Value than it Was Yesterday ??.........
Screenshot_2020-01-18 Steem (STEEM) price, charts, market cap, and other metrics CoinMarketCap(1).png

Great Things are Happening and We Have All been Very Patient During The Last Year adding Little By Little to Our STEEM POWER..........

2020 Looks Like The Start of The TURN that We Are Looking For...........

GOT ????

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I don't know the why, but I am loving this spike in steem prices.

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It's nice to see for a change. I remember when I could upvote over a dollar and I had way less steem power back then. The same applies to gold and silver prices too!👍

Thank You for Being the FIRST to Stop by and share @tbnfl4sun. We Will Get Back There Again and Even Better. I can sense it.......

Do you think it will be a continuing trend? I will be curious to know what the value will be tomorrow. I guess you will have to stay awake again or check the charts on Sunday AM. I look forward to an update, @stokjockey!
Have a wonderful Saturday, and take care take care 🥰🌺🤙

It is a Nice Move Up and It's Holding. It seems with a Move like this there should be some Profit Taking. I can't believe how this happening got me to do a Post. Maybe Im Back...... @silversaver888 Yes lets have a Wonderful Saturday.....

I need to sleep more often!

Imsomnia is a tough thing to Live With.............

@stokjockey I have the answer......
I put in a buy order for BTC so I could trade this for Steem this weekend!🤔🙃
Happens every time I get ready to pick up some Steem/BTC!!!!😳
I told the Mrs I’m just going to just sit on this buy order, this is way to fast of a pump....

I know what You Mean and this is Why it is Good to have SILVER to Back Up whatever you do.........

Maybe they will crash the Silver price again....I grab my car keys and go visit my LCS 🤗😀😇

Its about time.

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We Have All Suffered for such a Long Time........

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