No Steem For You! Justin Sun & BitTorrent Acquire Our Old... "Friend", DLive

in palnet •  3 months ago 


So, we all saw this tweet:


I'm pretty sure everyone & their mothers got excited thinking it was going to be Steem... WRONG!


Well, I don't know about y'all, but that was a surprise to me!

I had never even considered DLive would be in the running for this. I'm not sure the exact details, but this is what we have so far:


So, it looks like the Lino blockchain may still be used, but perhaps the storage is what is the major shift here. Also, it seems that DLive's currency... "Lino-points"? Something like that? Those will seemingly stay as they crypto DLive continues to use.

Well, what do you think? Happy? Let down? Relieved? Couldn't care less?

Let me know! :^)



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Nothing wrong with getting divorced and re-married, just know you are marrying a Gold Digger at J. Sun

lol, very apt metaphor. I am curious to see the evolution of BitTorrent, but it's been nearly a year now since he purchased it right? I haven't seen / heard much, so who knows 乁(ツ)ㄏ

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