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Want to lose weight?

I've got a pill for that.
It hasn't really been tested thoroughly,
and it might give you cancer or a heart attack,
but trust me it's worth it.
This random guy you don't know or trust lost 60 pounds in 60 days!


Wanna get rich quick?

Have you heard of Bitconnect?
I hear you can double your money every month!


Got a limp dick?

You need testosterone supplements!
I can provide them for a nominal fee,
or better yet do it the natural way:


All your troubles will be over with my junk-mail click-bait.

That's right, who knew all your problems would be over so easily?

I did!


Do the work instead.

Everyone wants to put in the least amount of effort for the most gain. Work smart, not hard. The problem with this mentality is that the vast majority of the time the small effort we put in turns out to yield equally small (if not temporary or even counterproductive) gains.

If someone starts a diet that they don't like, that diet has failed right out of the gate. I know people who don't even like to say the word 'diet'. The world itself at this point implies a temporary quick-fix scenario that is not going to have the permanent results that users are looking for.


Exercise and a solid nutrition plan are the foundations to having a healthy body. The human body can take quite a beating and heal from all sorts of ailments if one treats it properly.

The problem is that we're all slaves. The vast majority of us either don't have the time or the mental fortitude after a 40+ hour work week to improve our situation. Instead we try to cope with our existence using distractions like social media, streaming television, drugs/alcohol/parties/sex, etc.


Another problem is that the people who push quick fixes know exactly how to capitalize on our laziness, apathy, and depression. They've got it down to a science at this point. It doesn't even matter if we personally make the change to do the work. That group of people will always be a small minority, and this is a numbers game.

I fucking laughed when Atkins essentially died from his own diet. Yeah! Eat all the red meat, saturated fat, and cholesterol that you want! What could possibly go wrong?! You're losing weight, so obviously this diet is a healthy one!

Interestingly enough, I just looked it up and Atkins died by slipping on ice and hitting his head at 72 years old. It's funny how we can say things with such conviction without actually knowing what we are talking about.

The report concludes that Dr. Atkins, 72, had a history of heart attack and congestive heart failure and notes that he weighed 258 pounds at death.

I'm sure this is how the rumor started;
Not exactly a sterling image.

False metrics

The real takeaway from all of this is that we base success on a very narrow range of criteria. If we're trying to lose weight, and think that losing weight is the healthy thing to do, then whatever we do to get there we casually assume is healthy as well.

It's not.

Do the work.
Put in the time.
Make the right priorities.

I've personally lost 40 pounds in the last three months, yet when I attempt to measure the benefits of my new lifestyle, I realize that this metric is quite easy to measure compared to the rest, but also not even close to the top of the list.

How does one assign a numeric value to increased immune system efficiency? What about stabilizing hormone levels, healing faster, or higher circulation? We often fail to pay any attention to the variables that can't be measured and focus on the ones that can at our own peril.


On the money side of things, everyone wants to get rich without taking any risk. We see it here on Steem every day. Everyone complains about the bear market and no one wants to invest their own money into the system. The few that do invest their money into the system complain about the volatility constantly.


This is not the right mindset. We need to get our heads out of the clouds and ground ourselves back to reality. Welcome back to the real world, assholes! It sucks, but it will suck a lot less if we stop disillusioning ourselves, harden our resolve, and put in the work.

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"The doctors HATE this guy; Here's his secret to bigger muscles in 14 days!"

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Yeah doctors really hate it when I gain muscle mass.
Jealous ass doctors.


Give me the "post once and get $1,500" deal or this is all a scam. Only those who are uncaring and total scammers can get any SP.

Forget the fact that many spent a great deal of time writing 2-3 posts a day and following it up with research and comments.

It is sad when the opportunity is right there for people and they pass on it because of their mindset.

If anyone wants success on Steem, get ready to work for it.

kinda reminds me about a discussion I had today whether crypto is all scam and all those austrian school crypto people are scammers..^^

Bildschirmfoto vom 20191018 212334.png

my point in short was, that people in their old paradigm had no choice if they are being scammed or not cuz gov just take the taxes while in crypto you have to voluntarily send ur btc and noone can just take them.
now people have more freedom but still can be scammed, especially if they don't even use 5min to educate themselves about the most scams or educate themselves in general.
that's work. and they just wanna send all their btc to someone who does all the work for them and then sends em 10x the amount back ;-]

Wow. such a good post!

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