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Consider this post more of a data dump of market information about UNTAMED cards in the market.
The new data given in BULK really help give a sense for how the market of untamed cards is doing.
Spoiler... there aren't a lot of cards listed yet... even with as many packs as have been opened it seems people are keeping the cards and not listing very many.
You can also get a sense for which are the most popular cards with this data.

NOTE: This information was mostly done by hand using tools by @jarvie. If anyone is interested in doing this themselves in the future happy to inform them as this exercise will likely not be repeated anytime soon.



  • You can grab the data and put it into a spreadsheet and organize it if you want.
  • I have it sorted by BULK PRICE ... meaning the cost if you were to buy a max from the market right this second.
  • But note that 22 cards don't even have enough cards listed to get a max card... in those cases the price of max is extrapolated from the highest average price from the level that is available
  • The above list % ... is a good indicator that the card is oversold aka under listed and that the listings that are there are likely way higher than normal
  • Low above list % means that the average price at max is very similar to the list price and the price per card does not tend to quickly shoot up after a few levels of the card.
193parasitic growth176.8NO0.280121.00%
158serpentine spy130NO0.2610425.00%
203dragon jumper121.50788838.08%
146cave slug117.6NO0.187263.33%
188kron the undying116.7499917.92%
183khmer princess103.0880.66949.40%
186mitica headhunter99.9961.56944.92%
198tortisian chief95.8721.56938.94%
172ice pixie91.8850.557.559.80%
197war chaang891.93589.01-0.01%
176azmare harpoonist88.9091.4667.1632.38%
201the vigilator83.4666.0966.9924.59%
136cursed slimeball83.1320.016967.622.98%
156mother khala81.5110.5462.131.26%
144dark ha'on81.4456.59972.58912.20%
189wizard of eastwood79.7930.5259.833.43%
175coral wraith76.4821.2557.533.01%
168feasting seaweed73.2NO0.156022.00%
161fire elemental72.795NO0.334.5111.00%
177phantom of the abyss71.65.661.616.23%
145contessa l'ament70.7530.557.523.05%
155high priest darius68.7055.560.513.56%
202scale doctor66.485.560.59.88%
143darkets mage65.0961.0548.334.77%
200camila sungazer62.425.661.61.33%
148lone boatman60.4NO0.07329.2106.85%
180failed summoner55.6NO0.10341.234.95%
141death elemental53.935NO0.36241.6329.56%
179goblin thief53.6NO0.083267.50%
164ferexia general53.2990.9744.6219.45%
204gloridax magus52.0944418.39%
138undead badger52NO0.07831.266.67%
194elven mystic51.9890.1820.7151.15%
196tower griffin49.5610.2124.15105.22%
163spark pixies49.22NO0.3337.9529.70%
153light elemental48.0140.85439.28422.22%
171sniping narwhal47.2NO0.07329.261.64%
190elven defender46NO0.05522109.09%
185child of the forest42.950.2528.7549.39%
140bone golem37.2150.17520.12584.92%
137giant scorpion33.2NO0.0416107.50%
170tortisian fighter32.5930.0416103.71%
150truth speaker32.1430.15818.1776.90%
191horny toad30.5350.05120.449.68%
151luminous eagle29.8830.1314.9599.89%
182orc sergeant29.6NO0.0451864.44%
184unicorn mustang28.7560.1517.2566.70%
160gobline fireballer28.4NO0.04618.454.35%
195goblin chariot27.3830.15617.9452.64%
159magma troll24.8NO0.03915.658.97%
157kobold bruiser24.4220.04417.638.76%
147crystal jaguar23.4270.0451830.15%
173giant squid21.9030.10111.61588.58%
162living lava21.0870.1314.9541.05%
174serpent of eld20.8810.11913.68552.58%
139dark astronomer19.9740.13315.29530.59%


In case you want a picture version here it is. Use steempeak to click and view larger.

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Is there a way someone such as myself can get this data on my own, or just something you can easily pull through running peakmonsters?

I did it with a spreadsheet and checking out the totals provided in the BULK calculator. And then for LIST stuff just took the low list price X whatever equals max. It's some work by hand... but if you want the info to analyse that no one else has (because of laziness) then you have to put in the time.

Yeah I've been pulling all the data manually and it's definitely doable, but just takes a while. Just looking for some way to streamline the data gathering so I can spend more time analyzing.

The best new tool that saves a lot of time is found when you click this little button


could you explain me better the %above list stats?


Taking the difference between MAX on market and MAX calculated by LIST price. Aka it's the increase. It basically is an indicator that there isn't much available in the market and that the price shoots up pretty quickly. Meaning it is a fast way to understand the depth of the market.

Would you guys have any interest in adding an Analytics section where users can get some more detailed stats & specifics relative to their collection and how it's used in battles? Maybe make it a perk for guild members or people who use the your marketplace...

This post goes into some more detail specific to defensive ratings and gives an example about the idea.

Getting an data driven idea as to your most efficient cards in various scenario's could be a nice advantage once guild wars / tournaments get up and running.