Photographers! Enable/use the Portfolio View on Steempeak, an introduction

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For photographers there is a fantastic feature on @steempeak:

The Portfolio

The Portfolio View shows you the title-images of your #photography posts in tiles
(it doesn't show resteems or posts without the #photography tag). Click on a
picture and it opens in a nice and neat viewer. While maybe not ideal for bloggers
it certainly has huge potential as a presentation tool for photographers.

If you are not using steempeak as your interface yet, I'd strongly
recommend having a look. It beats the other interfaces by miles!

My blog in portfolio-view.

The picture viewer.

Enable the portfolio view in your general settings and confirm (via steemconnect).
The Portfolio option will appear in your blog menu.

Enabling portfolio view.

Portfolio option in the blog menu.

Now you can also directly link to this view:

And that's where it is getting really really interesting:

This is an amazing online portfolio!

I am working on a dedicated portfolio account to show to my clients. I will have every
image the same size so the tiles are are not messy like on my blog. And finally I will
use the tags to structure between landscape, portrait, about etc...

Neat layout on my test page.

Limits to the portfolio view:
  • For now it seems to show only posts also tagged with #photography
  • In picture viewer it only loads the first 40 pictures or so
  • Enabling not possible via keychain; steemconnect does the job

Some great photographers who I would like to enable their portfolio view:
@foxkoit, @rossfletcher, @tonyz, @vander, @marcoteixeira, @marinauzelac,
@zararina, @lighteye, @sharpshot, @axeman, @derangedvisions, @koenau,
@hangin, @bambuka, @evildeathcore, @kommienezuspadt, @fotogruppemunich,
@photowanze, @world-travel-pro, @soyrosa, @juancar347, @afrouli,
@eveuncovered, @photovisions, @tijntje, @allmonitors, @joshman,
@irreverent-dan, @jasonrussell

Some great photographers who have it enabled:
@worldcapture, @jpphotography, @crimsonclad, @lightcaptured, @barski

Thanks to @steempeak, @asgarth, @justineh, @jarvie and whoever else is on that tireless team that does so much for this platform! I support them by having them set as beneficiaries to my posts. I know 5% of my meager earnings is not much, but maybe one day...

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It's really a great cool feature. Steempeak is one of my favorite dapps 🍻👍📷

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Thank you that you put my name here 😊👌🕊 I just look this idea .

mostly welcome ;)

Hey @captainklaus, here is a little bit of BEER from @lightcaptured for you. Enjoy it!

I'll have a look. Would be good if we could choose what photos to go in the portfolio page. I upload some on my phone and then see how horrible they look on my PC later😂

I stopped using steemconnect with my active key, can it be done using keychain?

activating for now only works with steemconnect; you'll need your active key.

Would be good if we could choose what photos to go in the portfolio page.

That's why I am making a dedicated account for the portfolio.

Good idea and then I could use steemconnect, without using my main account active key. Will do it when I get some time.

I already linked people to - but I hadn't 'enabled' portfolio view yet. I did just now and maybe it added the portfolio tab on my profile page?

In any way, very good of you to let some photographers know about this, because indeed, this is a super nice feature for us photographers feeling frustrated by the lack of pride we can put in our work on Steem :P

Cheers! And a !BEER for you!