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I'm waiting ...

waiting for a sign of spring! But spring seems to be further away than 1 month ago.

Now the wind blows like crazy around the house. It is not hot to heat inside the house. With a temperature of 6 degrees outside it is not that bad actually, just the wind ... that wind that keeps blowing hard to stormy hard. It makes it very unpleasant, and ensures that the stove can hardly or not heat the house properly ...

And then you suddenly notice that it is still really winter. And even though this winter is not as cold as I have experienced before, at the moment I wish it would really be winter. A winter as I know it from the past, with temperatures below zero, but with nice sunshine and a calmer weather. Not this stormy wind that just won't lie down.

She's barking me CRAZY!

And as much as I love my dogs, a lot has changed since we had to let Rowan go over the rainbow bridge. Oh don't worry. I still love the two ladies we still have, but they have changed. Become more restless. And this troubled weather type doesn't make things better. Lana barks and barks all day. She cannot be moved to rest and her barking gives me a pretty bad mood after about a week of this.

I do understand my girl ...

It's not that I can't understand. Branches of the old chestnut trees that are standing here in front of the house are blowing against the windows. And in the woods it is no longer pleasant to walk. I can't let her go from the line when we go for a walk, but she doesn't want to be long outside when the wind blows around so fast. All in all, this situation is certainly not an easy one for her. But despite the fact that I can understand it, she does not make it more pleasant for me to stand barking all day ...

The difference between the two girls ...

It is just that Lana really needs to be able to throw out her pent up energy, and that is just not possible now ... Fortunately, Myla is calm and adapts to the circumstances, as if she wants to say, "It will be okay". Outside my little malinois is racing around like a goofy but inside she's nice and quiet.

Every day, strong winds and lots of rain ...

Every day I check the weather forecast and then unfortunately see that this and the next day is still very turbulent weather is expected, again with strong wind and lots of rain.

It is despondent. Although it sounds like I'm not enjoying anything anymore, that is certainly not true. On the contrary. I enjoy small things every day. And I will certainly continue to do so. Because as we all know ...

Live and enjoy today, you never have a guarantee for tomorrow!

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