Another Nice Corner On My Property and: Making Friends While Downvoting

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This is my place and I love it.

On another note: Through downvoting I met a lot of interesting people that really care about
our de-centralized experiment here; I almost never got a revenge vote, and that one or two times
it happend, the nice people were there for me and evened it out. All in all I am quite sure I even
made profit from my vigilance. And vigilance it takes, as there are loads of projects whose only
aim it is to scam money out of our beloved blockchain. As my downvote power is limited and
quickly depleted, I ask you all to be vigilant too. See below for some options.

But first a shout out to all the people I met, who helped to fight
abuse, and who helped me when being downvoted for revenge:
Thanks to:

@steemflagrewards (they compile a daily list of downvote-able posts),
@joshman, @luegenbaron, @tufkat, @transisto
@qwerrie, @kaminchan, @twinner, @michealb, @themarkymark
and many more...

And here are some accounts you can use your downvote power on
(I skipped the @ so it's not so easy to find in 'mentions'):


I am pretty sure these accounts just farm votes. They also constantly power down and transfer
steem to exchanges. For sure, I cannot be sure about it. But I tried to contact each of them
multiple times, without receiving any replies. There are also no reactions to my downvotes, so I
am pretty sure it's all accounts run by bots.

If you see an account with 500 followers, and each of its mediocre posts gets 1000+ votes,
and there is a lack of interaction, you can be pretty sure it is another farming project.

I seriously need some help there; look at my downvote mana:

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hello my friend! check this link pls:

you are on this list of users who seems to have their passkeys compromised. they recommend you to generate new passes.

Thanks for ponting this out; @spaminator seems to be wrong about that, I contacted them on discord already.

good he's wrong, then! I noticed like 6-7 names of my friends, obviously was obsessed..

Good they make that list, bad they are not very dilligent. It's not nice to be marked as spam. On steempeak it shows next to my rep.
I'm curios to see how the 'appeal' channel works...

steempeak indicates your rep at level 63. its not correct? frankly, i dont remember what it was before this.

I'm curios to see how the 'appeal' channel works...

'appeal' at steampeak channel, do you mean?

my rep is not changed, just that on steempeak there now is a scam-warning next to it...
I can appeal the downvotes and the blacklisting from @mack-bot and @steemcleaners through their discord channel.

i checked this steemcleaners channel and noticed you talking to the bot. damn situation, talking with the bot creatures :/ :/ :/

thanks for your support on discord. I was successful with my appeal and all the flags have been removed. I should also be off the list. Now I am curious how long it takes @steempeak to not mark me as spam anymore.
I somehow like this; a self organised community is nothing without some problems and solutions, and some motivation to fight.

will look into the other accounts. read about steemengineteam today

schöne Ecke :)

Eine von Vielen die es noch zu beleben gilt ;)

excellent efforts.

Thanks @qwerrie, I am here for the long-ish run...

@mack-bot this is ridicolous, that you even downvote my comment; please remove the downvotes (I contacted you through all the channels, I hope it works.)

dear @mack-bot and @spaminator: It is ridicolous that I land on your blacklist while fighting abuse.