Do You Know What Steem Power Up Day (SPUD) Is?

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Well, it's a day when people power up STEEM... obviously.

But why do we need such a day? Don't we power up STEEM because we believe it's good for us?

Well... let's see.

Do you exercise enough every day?

Do you eat only healthy food every day?

Do you drink enough water?

Did you remember to feed the dog before you left home?

People need reminders... because they forget or are distracted or they don't know.

They also like games and contests. And this is a little bit of both.

And they like to do something together.

So, a STEEM power up day makes sense. And it is good for Steem. And for our spirits.

And the smaller accounts have a chance to win some cool prizes.

I've set an alarm for November 1st. I forgot last month and powered up a few days earlier. It will be fun! :)

If you want to learn more, here it is where you should go to:

Steem On and Have Fun!

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Damn... I'm also missing it.. powering up earlier... always...
Please put a reminder on your reminder to poke me on November 1st :)

Lol! Ok, I'll edit my reminder to remind you as well.

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Cool, see you guys there for #spud . It seems that now with #spud7 , the movement is growing, and so are the prizes!! See you fellas there!

It's a cool initiative. Glad I can help popularize and contribute to it by powering up at the 'right time'.

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Yes! Going to try and add spud it up my self!

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Great! May the power be with you! ;)