Hard falling of naturalproducts

in price •  6 months ago 


It hurts. -93.33%. It seems that naturalproducts is not popular with buyers. A lot of orders to sell, but quite a few - to buy.

I think it’s necessary to look for a way out of this situation by starting a large-scale campaign to promote NP. It is also worth thinking about burning excess tokens in order to reduce excess of supply.


Steem already has so many tribes - that it will not just compete in an ecosystem with a limited number of users. Let's not let natural products go bad and turn into something like

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We agree... seems to be a lot of selling... We have our last Air Drop coming up this weekend and then we will have several campaigns running to promote NP across the globe !!! We'll also be planning a BURN-BABY-BURN party!

Remember anyone can add to the burn party by promoting posts! Hodl steady! :-)

Whoo. What a haircut 3:-)

Still trying to figure out the exchange... and its mechanism vis-a-vis the tokens in it and their value/trading. I think NP is a good niche channel and will sort out over time as people figure out what a good post is for main stream naturalproducts posts vs fringe and/or forced into the tag post. It's still early, lots of programs coming and lots of discussions in the back ground on supported tags and communities.

Coming up; burn party, ACE air drop, badges, partnerships and more... Hang tight; and everyone use your stake to weed out the shit-posts.

Keep going!

It needs to be promoted.

yes, really bad!

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