📣LINEAR vs CIRCULAR ECONOMY? The right answer is to be found in the 🔗 Blockchain.🔗

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In this post I would like to pay attention to the fact that our production system is based on an obsolete model and how the alternative is possible and connectable to the Blockchain.


The demand for raw materials is constantly INCREASING despite the scarcity of the resources available to us.

It is now known that we human beings consume in advance the resources that should instead cover our annual needs.
For years Global Footprint has been warning us that:

📣"we consume 1.7 times the amount of natural resources that the Planet ecosystem can regenerate".📢

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Unfortunately, action is taking place very slowly - but I wonder is it really taking action? - to solve this problem, continuing to follow our traditional and obsolete LINEAR economic model.


It is an economic system based on a precise scheme:

Extraction 👉 Production, 👉 Use, 👉 Waste.

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Without worrying about what happens to the WASTE and how it impacts our daily life.

Yet the solution exists!

It's called CIRCULAR ECONOMY, surely you've already heard of it.
It is the real alternative to our current economic model that has all the credentials to overcome the problems related to the exploitation of our resources.


To put it simply, it is a production and consumption model that allows us to extend the life cycle of products.
Yes, because a product never ends its function because the materials it is made of, where possible, can be reintroduced into the business cycle.
In this way, WASTE also generates VALUE.
Waste itself has a value.

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Already in 2014 at the World Economic Forum in Davos, this new sustainable production model began to attract great interest both from institutions and from private companies.
Today the CIRCULAR ECONOMY has incorporated other sustainable systems such as sharing economic, bioeconomy, remanufacturing and advanced waste management.

In short, it is necessary to abandon the old disposable model and focus on a model designed to regenerate itself:

  • materials of biological origin must re-enter the biosphere
  • technical origin materials must be put back into circulation and reused several times to create further value without losing quality.

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Since 2015, the European Commission has been trying to relaunch the economy of the Old Continent by focusing precisely on the CIRCULAR ECONOMY model.
To date, according to the European Commission waste prevention, eco-compatible design and reuse can generate net savings for European companies of 8% of annual turnover, around € 600 billion.

Do you think it is little?

No, not a little, but more must be done.
Unfortunately, only 12% of the materials consumed in Europe are part of a circular model despite the advantages it entails and the growth potential also in terms of employment, effectively estimating the possibility of creating more than 170,000 direct jobs in Europe by 2030. References.

In short, we have before us a great opportunity adaptable to all economic systems around the world.
Clearly the CIRCULAR ECONOMY goes very well with a topic that I never stop talking about, 🤔 well yes, also in this post I found the way to praise Blockchain Technology.

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Blockchain applied to the Circular Economy means hope in the Future.
I am convinced that the CIRCULAR ECONOMY based on Blockchain will be the only possibility we have to avoid the collapse of our current productive, social and economic system.

Of course it's my personal opinion, it's time to take a step back to lay the foundations for a better future.

Why does the Circular Economy need the Blockchain?

Because it is the only system that can guarantee the authenticity of the data and its traceability by preventing manipulation and fraud.

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Each exchange made on Blockchain-based registers is unchangeable allowing complete traceability of the transaction because it is controlled and validated by all the subjects of the same network.
In a Blockchain platform, the various economic subjects involved become both JUDGE and JURY, ensuring the authenticity and the occurrence of each exchange in the supply chain in a TRANSPARENT and EFFICIENT way.

We must FOCUS ON NEW BUSINESS MODELS that are based on recyclable and biodegradable resources using energy from renewable sources to produce a new generation of products.

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All this must be enhanced through the use of Blockchain-based systems that allow the reliability and seriousness of a project in real time and in a public way.
Because with Blockchain the advantages are for everyone: companies that can highlight their virtuous behavior and users who can establish a relationship of trust with companies.

💡A Better World Is possibile🌍.


Thanks for stopping by here.❤️

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I have heard about the process involved in circular economy but I never knew it had a general name, the idea of circular economy if properly followed and implemented will help the economy in a great way. Your post is educating, thanks for sharing.

Thanks for reading my post.😊 I really believe the path to be taken is precisely that of a sustainable economy.

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I agree with you. The importance of blockchain to circular activity can't be overemphasized. Like you opined, it guarantees trusts relative to traceability and proof when needed.
Nice one

Thanks a lot I'm glad you enjoyed my post.😊

@tipu curate

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I had heard of the idea of using blockchain to identify and track a designation of origin in specific products, as an element that ensures that the authenticity of the production-manufacturing-sale chain is always available for the verification of the final consumer or the buyer.

But, I had not heard about an ecological issue or focused on models of sustainable economy, that is new to me and I think it makes a lot of sense once you think about it.

Thanks for your comment, I think sustainability will be a hot topic for the next few years and that the blockchain could be its pillar guaranteeing its truthfulness.

You got me on board with outdated system. I also like your mention of supply chains here. My belief is that individuals will be able to leverage supply chains with greater impact than large corporations, even with the advent of the internet. I believe this will be happening relatively soon.

I think blockchain is a small revolution that started from a small niche and is gradually recruiting more and more people, those with ideas, curious people, those who recognize themselves in the values of this technology, those who only want an investment opportunity, but in a transversal way, regardless of everyone's economic capacity, everyone can participate. Thanks a lot for your comment.😊

Some say the G-men were behind Bitcoin. It does have connection to colleges. Recalling the early internet that saw professors exchanging ideas, I must ultimately conclude with you that a small, yet intellectually influential niche brought the concept of dChains into being.