Hi! My name is Eric Gonzales--I'm a tutor who trades cryptocurrencies... Lets talk!

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My name is Eric Gonzales. Eric recent.jpg
I am many things, but for work, I am a teacher! I am self-employed and I tutor math and science to kids. I'm pretty good at teaching, but my favorite part is when we get to have great conversations about life, or whatever it is that we want to learn about. I have always had many interests and curiosities for careers and self-improvement and stuff, but have found myself either being too lazy, distracted, or scared to really pursue one thing to the point of complete mastery. I have always been a musician (and really bad rapper), but numbers and games are really my thing. I figure when you treat things like a game, its easy to know how to win if you know the rules.. its just probability, math, and game-theory most of the time! I have played trumpet pretty much non-stop since I was about 6. I thought I had decided on music, but when I started doing really well in math and science in high school, I thought engineering and inventing would be the best for me. I love coming up with new ideas and ways to do things or think about things-- I am a problem solver and deep-thinker! I went to college for engineering but quickly switched to economics because I thought it was a "safer" and easier choice. After learning about economics at the world/government/macro level, I found it all to be too depressing and greed-driven, so I switched to psychology, which was a great decision. I think that philosophy and psychology govern way more than we care to realize. I think that we tend to focus more on the effects of events and things rather than the real causes. But I still learned a lot and mostly A's in all my economics and math/science courses. I guess the social and psychological underpinnings of the human world piqued my interest more, because I knew it was something that could I could apply to myself for the rest of my life, regardless of career choice. I didn't care that my friends said I wouldn't make any money with a Bachelors in Psychology. I took it a little poorly back then, but I knew that the knowledge and experience that I was gaining was far more important to me than learning about something like organic chemistry or fluid dynamics and then having to pay to become a medical school or corporate slave for however many years. When it was all said and done, college wasn't a huge waste of time and money, but it sure didn't prepare me for, or teach me much about the most important and BIG things in life.. like making a life-changing business, finding and getting a job or career, or how to seek enlightenment and happiness. Perhaps my eyes and ears were slightly closed during college from all the booze, drugs, and unprotected sex, but nobody really gave two shits about doing things that actually helped people, like having an honest conversation with a mentor or friend, or listening and talking truthfully, at the highest levels, to someone with real questions about life. But what was I expecting? College is a route that some people take to find their way into a higher pay-grade, to learn and practice difficult skills, and maybe get a 6-figure salary if they are lucky. But it doesn't have to be that way. Now I know that humans who have learned how to use their brains the right way have UNLIMITED potential, and it doesn't take a degree to unlock it. More on that later. These days, I would like to call myself an entrepreneur, except a pretty poor and lazy one. I'm generally happy with life-- I have a girlfriend, I can afford decent food, I enjoy my job. But there is so much more for me, and I'm just getting started (again). I'm getting better at taking risks, (this is one of them!) and you will be able to learn about exactly what kind of risks and choices I'm talking about in future blog posts!! I also hope to teach and learn new things on here, make new friends, and make some money!! (Hint, I trade and invest in cryptocurrencies now, all part of the master plan to make some actual money in my life!) Hope you enjoyed reading a little about who I am, so until next time.. ADIOS!!!

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Pues benvenido en este lugar!

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Nice Introduction :)

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Hi @gonzaliskos

Are you from Venezuela? Also please consider using enter from time to time. It's hard to read such a long block of text and most readers will give up.

Cheers, Piotr

hey crypto.piotr, I am from the united states.

It's me again @gonzaliskos

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Thank you @coininstant ! You were the one that told me about steemit! This guy is a master of trading and very generous!

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