Review: Steem Blockchain projects website

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Review: Steem Blockchain projects website at this link👉

This website lists or tries to list all the Dapps on blockchains in the cryptocurrency universe.
One way to assess the viability of a cryptocurrency project is to see how many Dapps are planned or exist.
This is a measurement of utility.
Utility is one measure of viability.

For Example:
If you go to the Steem Projects website you will find a listing of Steem DAPPS.
The Steem blockchain has almost 500 DAPPS or decentralized applications on the Steem Blockchain.
This would suggest high utility.
This would also suggest high viability.

I think this website does a good job of trying to accomplish its goals.
I think it provides some objective third party information to help you evaluate cryptocurrency projects in terms of utility and by extrapolation viability.

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