It's Time to Reach Out to the Club About Our 1st Vote Under @spinvest-votes - Please Comment Below!!!

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Hello all, this post will serve as a test run to see how the club responds to my idea about having a transparent and collaborative effort when it comes to the Steem Power Investments Club voting efforts. As I mentioned in the intro post, this account was created to help take some pressure off of Mr. SP Invest's shoulders. It was also meant to be an additional avenue for club success. With that said, I would like to propose an idea to all voting club members.

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My Idea

My idea is that this account has full and active participation among the entire club. When we go to vote, everyone votes. When we discuss investment opportunities, everyone pitches in. That's the whole point of us being a club of investors. Without us bouncing ideas off one another, this would simply be my ideas for investments only, and that's not fair to all of you who are actively engaged with @spinvest.

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With that being said, I would like for this post to serve as a test run for open discussion in the comment thread below as to what we want our first club vote to be about, which will take place this upcoming weekend. It can be anything you think the club needs to vote on. For example, it could be as straightforward as what we shall discuss in our upcoming club meeting, ideas for future implementation to take SPinvest to the next level, and/or future investments the club should consider as possible opportunities for growth using our passively earned STEEM.

It's Time to Decide

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So, this concludes tonight's short follow-up to @spinvest-votes introduction post which can be found here if you happened to miss it. Please comment below to discuss what the club shall vote on. Depending on how the discussion goes, I will decide what is most pertinent and this is how we shall proceed with the upcoming club vote taking place this weekend.

Another thing to note is that if the discussion goes well, we will have several ideas surface, which can then be used at a later date for club voting purposes.

OK - now is the time. Ready, set, comment away :)

{P.S. - tagging all club members again so I know everyone has a chance of seeing this post.}

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It might be a good idea to discuss how to get more people to invest in SPI and/or to become a club member

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that's a good topic of discussion that I think all club members should be a part of. Will definitely keep this one in the memory bank.
thank you for your active participation, it is appreciated by not only me, but the entire spinvest club
Cheers @erikklok

Not sure to be honest. Obvious votes would be "what's our next off chain investment?" " What on-steem investments should we consider?" Beyond the obvious, I'll have a think and get back to you.

Maybe some contests, sponsorships or writing contests to boost interaction and strengthen club ties??

Congrats on the new role BTW. Thanks for stepping up and playing a part here.

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yes, next investment opportunity will definitely be a vote in the near future. haven't looked at the spinvest wallet before making this comment, but should probably consider this vote when we have ample STEEM saved up in the 'savings wallet'

on-chain- you already know I love me some JAHM... definitely biased, but you know the use case and utility this token holds. I don't have to tell you twice...

I like your other propositions in contests sponsorships and contests to help promote and shill SPI. The more eyes the better.
No problem mate, glad I could step up and help the club.

Cheers JK

Votes around growing our membership - where to pitch our energies.
There are several well-established communities on steem - which one should we target and what will engage them?
Some that I can think of:
@steemitmamas - some members already involved, have a cryptocurrency section - person to talk to @khimgoh
@runningclub - supports runners - person to talk to @toofasteddie
@freewrite - person to talk to - @mariannewest
@naturalmedicine - don't know a contact here but they have a discord server
@pifc - supports newbies also @tenkminnows (person to talk to @steevc).

good proposition here. I remember you specifically mentioned @steemitmamas in our last club meeting. I also saw a post by @metzli about spi which was very informative. Would love to hear about the overall response from the rest of this community. Definitely interested in hearing about whether or not more ppl would be interested in investing in SPI

Thanks for your wonderful idea. this will be something we absolutely look more in depth into
Cheers, shani :)

We had a few mamas join after that post and we have talked about it on our discord.

I’ll do another post soon, especially now that I’ll be earning more tokens with my steemleo delegation - happy to have my tokens start to work for me in ways beyond curation incentives

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Perhaps we should link up with Steem Basic Income? People love the upvotes even if 20% return is more profitable.

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That's funny, I was wondering about steem basic income. I wonder if there is a way to link up. Brilliant idea :)

Could be something our passive steem is used for, but I’m not sure this would be our most beneficial use of Funds ? (At least for the main @spinvest account page) We are already receiving hundreds of upvotes and rather favorable post payouts from backscratcher curation trail and other solid voting accounts. May be an avenue for @spinvest-leo or @spinvest-votes to jump start some growth in SP from posts though... what do you think @shanibeer

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I was thinking more that the people who buy Steem Basic Income are also a community of people who would be open to buying SPI. We would have to think about how we might work with Steem Basic Income to reach that community. Steem Basic Income is a win-win deal - you get something, but you also give something to someone else. We would have to think about how SPI would add value to that.

OK that’s a good route. I think we shall brainstorm and maybe revisit this at the next club meeting. Thank you much for your valuable insights

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Love love love SBI, have well over 450 shares myself from sponsoring other users. Could be a great avenue for Spi to look into

Thanks for your input @metzli

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That’s great to hear. Would love to have more mamas on board. The more mamas the merrier !

Great to hear as well you’re taking advantage of the passive growth in SPI through our partnership with other tribes. There’s plenty more to come with SPI, nothing is set in stone yet, but we are collaborating and talking with other tribes aside from LEO

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I have no ideas at the moment, but I will return.

Not a problem. And, yes, please do. would love to hear some of your ideas once you have thought things through a little more thoroughly.
look forward to hearing back

The savings account has just under 450 STEEM but it might take another week before I get the silver bullion to buy done as i had to re-order a new wirex car.

Im down for voting on anything. What about if a vote on if a confirmed member does not take part in 5-10 club votes in a row are for a period of time, they are expelled and have to rejoin. Might seem harsh and just throwing ideas out.

For the next ff platform investments, we'll need to talk on discord before you write those posts as we need to stay focused on off-platform that is boring and not fun but the best hedges against crypto. You'll find many members wanna try new things cause they are new and you'll get a lot of suggestions. Eye on the eagle!!

Great post by the way, your enthusiasm for what your doing comes through your words :)


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I like that idea about the confirmed members. Probably in the future though. I don’t think this should be the first vote of the new branch spinvest-votes account.

Definitely. I’m glad there was a decent participation in the comments here. Especially for future investments, whether on or off chain, the entire club needs to collaborate, actively engage and participate, and play a part as a confirmed club member. That’s what it’s all about.

Eye on the Eagle for sure !! We are coming and I mean strong 💪🏻💪🏻

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