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Hello all, this weeks vote will be rather easy as we are nearing our 1500 STEEM investment total in our STEEM savings, which will be put towards our Steem Monsters investment pick, chosen by the club per vote #0006.

It looks like now all we have to decide on is how we wish to see this 1500 STEEM invested because there are a few ways we could do this. But, before we get started, here are a few updates for the club.

Branch Account LOGO Update

We now have a logo design created by Mr SP invest himself for each of the spinvest branch accounts. The spinvest-votes logo can be seen below.

spinvest votes.jpg

SPinvest Great Treasure Hunt

Mr SP invest has yet again come up with a fantastic way to get more eyes on the project through a 13 week Treasure Hunt. You can see the original post here if you just so happened to miss it for some reason! RESTEEM the post referenced here if you haven't already and help get us to our target of 50 RESTEEMS!

3speak Monthly Video

Another topic of discussion amongst the club as of late has been investing into a monthly 3speak video. The cost is 27 STEEM per month, and this will help get even more eyes, ears, and the like on the project. We will be investing into a monthly 3speak video to help get more investors on the ground floor with all of us who are already here.

Club Vote #0007:

We have a few different ways in which we can choose to invest our STEEM earnings into our Steem Monsters investment pick.

First option:

The first way is very simple, we spend all the money on $2 booster packs, leave them unopened and HODL for a long period of time. This is right in line with our buy and Hodl, slow growth mantra.

Second option:

The other way to buy packs in token form from the SE exchange. This way may better for us as we can diversity our 1500 STEEM investment into various tokens. For example, we could say spent 500 STEEM on each Alpha, Beta and untamed tokens or 1000 STEEM on Alpha and 500 STEEM on Beta (various options exist- see vote options detailed below).

Club Vote Options

In the comments below, please comment "Confirmed SPI member" under whichever investment opportunity you feel best suits the club.

1) Spend all 1500 STEEM on $2 booster packs, leave them unopened, and HODL
2) Spend 500 STEEM on each Alpha, Beta, and Untamed Tokens on the SE DEX 
3) Spend 750 STEEM each on Alpha and Beta tokens 
4) Spend 750 STEEM on $2 Booster packs and 750 STEEM on SE tokens 

STEEM Monsters Update

I had to do my own research for this because I am not an expert on Steem Monsters. If you do not understand the information I am trying to convey, then please do additional research on your own about each investment option presented in this club vote.

STEEM Monsters uses a coined term known as Tokenomics which is used to describe several emergent properties of economic systems together using unique crypto and reward tokens as their backing. The magic wand here is creating a token from nothing and convincing individuals like you and I that they have value - this is exactly what steem monsters has done. Steem monsters has continually innovated with new incentives to close this economic loop to best maintain a good storyline for players and "investors" to believe in. Crypto and blockchain gaming are a new wave of opportunity, so this is an awesome "off chain" investment for the club (backed by dollars).

There are various classes of cards (alpha, beta, etc) along with other special rarities such as (gold cards, legendary cards, etc) that players can earn through gameplay or which can be bought when purchasing STEEM monsters packs.

Option 1 Explained

This option is simple - buy booster packs, keep them unopened and HODL them while their value (hopefully) increases. This is all speculation, just like any other investment, but the value has and will continue (hopefully) to rise given time. That's it for option 1, I don't know how else to explain other then buy and HODL.

Option 2 Explained

Alpha, Beta, and Untamed packs can be bought on the steem-engine marketplace. Alpha and Beta currently have the most value as they are limited in supply. Alpha was the first deck released by steem monsters, and their value has skyrocketed since being released as more and more people have got involved. Alpha tokens, as for all the others, are the same as one unopened pack, and the tokens are currently trading for roughly $6.00 on the SE exchange at the moment.

Beta packs were the second deck released by steem monsters. There are more of these in circulation than Alpha and are trading for $2.83 on the SE marketplace.

With the newest untamed packs, there is no idea as to how many will be in circulation. These are currently trading for $1.50 on the SE marketplace. Since Alpha and Beta are limited, it may be better to invest in these and hold off on investing in untamed booster packs for the time being.

Options 3 and 4

See above.

List of Confirmed Club Members as of 01/12/2019

Screenshot 66.png

Tagging ALL Club Members to Participate
@bucipuci @coolguy123 @darkmrmystic @dwingsworld @ecoinstant @elizabethbit @ericburgoyne @erikklok @felander @flemingfarm @geke @huntforsteem @jk6276.leo @mytechtrail @oldmans @partitura @qam2112 @roger5120 @ronaldoavelino @samsemilia7 @shanibeer @shitsignals @silverstackeruk @silvertop @stayoutoftherz @sumatranate @taskmaster4450 @underground @welshstacker @yonnathang @conradsuperb




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Likewise, I don’t understand this investment as well and I’m not into playing games, except super Mario, haha...

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Option 1

  • Spend all 1500 STEEM on $2 booster packs, leave them unopened, and HODL

Option 3

  • Spend 750 STEEM each on Alpha and Beta tokens

Confirmed SPI member

Confirmed club member.

I think it will be a while before untamed packs increase in value, we can wait till near the end of their supply before investing. Alpha and Beta are limited so should be the focus in my opinion.

Confirmed SPI member.

I vote for Option 3

confirmed spi member

Confirmed SPI member

Confirmed SPI member.

Confirmed SPI member.

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Option 4

  • Spend 750 STEEM on $2 Booster packs and 750 STEEM on SE tokens

I don't understand this investment. I have no idea what is what. My vote is neutral. I do not lean towards either variant.

Sorry but I have no info about the four options (like past results, for instance) and I don't feel that I should choose something that I don't know.

Option 2

  • Spend 500 STEEM on each Alpha, Beta, and Untamed Tokens on the SE DEX

Go with this one. Spread them out among the three tiers.

We can also look at renting the cards out to players who want to enhance their stance in the game. I am not an expert but there are many to explain it to us. I think this will be a nice way to add some more passive income.

Confirmed SPI member.

This seems the best option to me, an equal split among the three tokens

Confirmed SPI member. I would rather not buy Alphas, they are already too high for investment, but this is the one with the least Alphas.

@roger5120 @ronaldoavelino @bucipuci
Alpha and beta tokens can be bought directly on steem-engine similar to leo, neo, SPI, etc. they can also be traded for packs and packs can be traded for tokens. Booster packs are essentially just SM cards. Since they can be traded for each other and vice versa, it makes sense we diversify our investments... but @jk6276.leo makes a good point if you see his comment above. I would say look into the options and If you still can’t decide on a vote by post payout then no big deal

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Thanks for responding and I did visit these 3 tokens each visit there was a Trojan attempt, never happened to me before, but am safe. I looked at them they’re pretty expensive. I don’t think I’d go for it. That’s just me. Anyways, thanks again. We’ll keep our eyes open. 😃👍

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Thanks for the reply. Even so, I remain outside the vote.

Untamed boosters are limited, I think you misrepresented them when you said that "alphas and betas are limited', untamed are limited to 15 million, but unlike alpha and beta they have not reached their limit YET.

If we are considering buying already pumped alpha packs, I would hope we would at least get a bit of exposure to a ready to pump asset BEFORE it pumps, like untamed packs.

Confirmed SPI member

Spend 750 STEEM each on Alpha and Beta tokens


Hey @spinvest-votes, when I was tagged in the member list, my user name is misspelled. It should be @elizabethbit. Thank you.

Fixed in updated post 👍🏼
Please let me know if this is still an issue

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Heya there,

I recently bought $10 worth of untamed booster packs and received less than $6 worth of cards (and I did better than usual). Buying the packs is more "fun" or "luck" because you get to open up the cards and bright lights come on and you have a chance to get "expensive" cards. Its "better" as an investment, to buy the actual cards.

Sorry, I don't feel I have enough information to take part in this vote. It was the reason I didn't vote for the steem monsters option in the last vote. When we're being asked to invest such a large amount we need better information. I wouldn't mind risking 500 steem on steem monsters but this is three times that amount. I think the last vote was problematic when we were being asked to vote for the amount and the investment at the same time, but the two different variables were not related to each other. In future, can we keep them as separate votes and then, when we have chosen the amount, we can decide on the investment (or vice versa).
If there is more voting weight abstaining or not participating than there is for any one of the options offered, this vote should be null and start again.

hey, sometimes i takes me a few days to get caught up. I think we should just let this one go and do the next one better. I agree there was not alot of information but even when i was writing the voting posts i only ever included 8-10 lines on each investment, little a tester. I was thinking club members were researching stuff and learning. Sorta like investment club homework, lol :p

Next time we do an Investment vote, we can include both options for STEEM amount and investment option but change how club members vote. eg, 4 investment options are A, B, C is D and 4 STEEM amount options is 1,2,3 and 4. You decide which investment is best and how much you think is best and then just comment your vote like B2, A3 are whatever. I think each person would invest different amounts in different things and it saves time.

Yeah, I agree, that sounds like a sensible way forward ...
I voted 1500/gold last time, so not really happy to see 1500 taken as the amount but not for gold; otherwise I would have voted lowest amount/steemmonsters 😁
For someone who is not involved in steem monsters, that is quite a lot of research to take on, especially in seven days. The other options have been discussed over a period of time, not just presented in this vote, so members have had time to think about them and do any research long before having to vote. There wasn't any information about steem monsters price or pattern of growth.
If you want to continue to combine amount and option in one vote, then there needs to be a way to analyse responses accurately. I guess a table with the possible combinations 1-4 across the top and a-d down the side and the voting value for each of the combinations placed in the chart. Not sure what happens if you've got a tie 😂 Personally, I would prefer to go back to the two stage system: first we decide the amount/option; then, with one variable decided, members can decide the level of risk they want to take.
I would rather see @spinvest making good quality investments that members feel comfortable with and that accurately represents their views, than saving time.

I can't please everyone, its not that sorta service. There are over 150 investors, 40ish confirmed members and my role is to do what members vote in. I don't agree with some of the things that have won votes in the past but I understand it's not up to me. I think because SM packs won the last vote that it accurately represents that most people are comfortable with it. SM pack price charts can be found by searching 'steem-engine token charts' on steemit. This chart shows the top 30 tokens is terms of volume for a 3 month period. You can see that only 3 tokens have a plus ROI. Afitx is that daily reports thing that lots of people use and the other 2 are steem monster s tokens. Alpha packs are worth more than Beta but are not a top 30 traded token so dont appear on this list.

STEEM MONSTER pack tokens are a solid investment as far as crypto goes as we can see above that everything else is losing money apart from SM tokens and the reason why is because they are priced in dollars. Very smart move by aggroed

This is a huge point and I would like to propose that we select the investment by vote and THEN select the amount by vote in the future. Who do I recommend this to would you think? @conradsuperb?

Congratulations @spinvest-votes!
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