LIMIT INCREASE + Korean market enhancements

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The korean users already know this but @asgarth spent months (off and on) working on a project to combine the databases and functionality of .com and .kr .... there were more complexities than expected. But in the end we don't have to run multiple servers or multiple databases. And as a result for korean language users they have ALL the functionality that .com had including rentals etc.


We have @steemitdev, @netuoso and i think @justinw for making a change so the nodes can handle a full 8000 characters in a json.

This leads to us increasing our limits on the following transactions.


Those that are at 200 can actually be increased to 400 if there is a strong desire but we'll wait for people to test out 200 for now.


That's right it goes up just at the right time from 25 to 100 now.
Hopefully this helps fill the holes where in many cases there are not even enough cards to purchase enough for a max level card.

Examples of needs:

  • Swamp thing
  • Tyrus
  • Paladan
  • Peaceful giant
  • cocatrice
  • elven cutthroat
  • enchanted defender
  • spineback turtle
  • feral spirit
  • silvershield knight
  • silvershield warrior
  • tyrus paladium
  • defender of truth
  • spineback wolf
  • xander foxwood

All of those cards listed above don't even have enough cards in the market to make 1 max level card.
We are in dire need of more listing of cards... so hopefully the expanded listings helps.


We are aware of an issue that prevents users who have selected "require active key" on splinterlands from using transactions on peakmonsters using SteemConnect ... for the time being use keychain.

It's been this way for presumebly weeks but no one has reported it... I guess most people are using keychain?
But this brings up the point: Please go on our discord channel and report issues. Not many of our users use steemconnect so we don't always know if there's an issue. I (@jarvie) am a tester and hate testing using steemconnect for example. haha


We are going to a few UI changes to combine before we upgrade those limits.


Buying is NOT a json transaction therefore the limits have not been effected and remain 45. In our data we have not seen users needing more than 45 very often and besides as discussed above there is a lack of listing of cards in many cases.
But if people are buying lots more than 45 quantity batches then we'll look at batching the batches.

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Fantastic news about the json increase

On the other hand, fyi, for me personal, buying 45 has been an annoying limit many times as wel as max 99 in bid.

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buying is a wallet limit and not sure that can change... but if there were enough people who wanted to do more than 45 we could maybe batch wallet transactions... at least with peakcredit. The data doesn't support it presently but of course if it's in regards to buying then that's something we'd like to do if there were customers for it.

99 in bid could be changed probably... but i mean maybe we could just increase it for commons? But the way around it is just make a couple bids?