Super Secret Splinterland Secrets (PeakMonsters/MonsterMarket/SPT Tokens/Forum)

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Many of us have been enjoying the game Splinterlands but did you know that there's more to the Splinterlands universe than the game itself. In this topic we will go over some of these other aspects.

Third Party Market Places

Splinterlands has become a very successful game and with success comes third party sites adding to the functionality and ways we interact within the Splinterlands universe. One of these third party sites is Peakmonsters (@jarvie) which is a site similar to the marketplace of Splinterlands but with many more features added.

On Peakmonsters you can buy/sell cards and place bids on the cards of others. It also has many other cool features that are not limited to displaying your collections USD worth using three different formulas (Asking Price/Bid Price/Market Price) and allowing us to rent or rent out Splinterland cards. Peakmonsters URL:

Peakmonsters might be the best known third party Splinterlands site but it isn't the only third party site in town that allows us to buy/sell Splinterland cards. MonsterMarket (@reazuliqbal, @zaku) is another and it also allows us to buy and sell Splinterland cards within its marketplace. It has an easy to use interface and familiar layout. On the site they advertise an instant 3% cashback on all card purchases/ 2% on Pack Purchases. MonsterMarket URL:

SPT Tokens

Most of my regular readers already know about SPT (Splintertalk Tokens) and how to earn them but lately I been browsing the Splinterland and Steemmonsters tags on the Steem Blockchain and the amount of people sharing info about the game who aren't using the SPT tag was a little surprising. On any given day I can likely find at least 2-5 post about Splinterlands that doesn't have the SPT tag on it.

Why use the SPT tag you ask? Well because SPT stands for Splintertalk tokens and using the tag SPT will allow you to potentially earn some of those tokens. Splintertalk is a front end that allows us to interact with the Steem Blockchain. When using said site we earn all our regular blockchain rewards (Steem/Steem Power and SBD) and on top of those regular rewards we also earn the SPT token which can be sold/bought or traded on the Steem-Engine exchange.

If you're creating a Splinterlands themed post I highly suggest you use the tag SPT or post said content from the games official front end But wait .... isn't the only way to earn SPT for creating Splinterland content ..........

Splinterlands Forum

Splinterlands (Steemmonsters) has an official forum. Most monster maniacs know about but I bet a few of you never knew or possibly even forgot that there is an official forum as well.

Like on the forum is for all things Splinterlands and content creating and curating will award you with the SPT token. There's some advantages to posting on a forum instead of on your main blog.

For example forum post need much less detail and care to be considered valuable content compared to a blog post. For those of us who frequent forums throughout our internet life we know that its not uncommon to open a forum topic that contains just a couple sentences. This is widely accepted behavior on almost if not all forums internet wide.

So if creating images and lengthy blog posts aren't your thing (or even if they are) then head on over to to start earning the official Steemmonsters token SPT today!

What is Splinterlands?

Splinterlands (also known as Steemmonsters) is a digital card game created by @aggroed and @yabapmatt. Early game release has launched and prizes are already up for grabs. You can get started with investing in or playing Splinterlands by clicking here.

Did you know about all the ways to interact and potential ways to earn that are listed above? Lets us know in the comment section about some of the third party Splinterland sites you are using.

Splinterlands Total Market Cap Report:


Less than 24 hours ago I reported the Splinterlands Total Market Cap to be at $4,662,957. Today we see that number increased to $4,669,493 which is about $7000 in growth within that very short time span. I predicted we see a Splinterlands market cap at $5 Million before we reach 2020 and I'm sticking to that prediction. If my prediction falls short I don't think it will be by much.

Click here to start playing or investing in Splinterlands today!

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Hey, thanks for mentioning MonstersMarket. We are giving back 3% on cards purchase, and 2% on packs purchase. That is 60% and 40% of our revenue respectively.

As of today everything is automated. So, if you use any of STEEM/SBD/DEC to pay, you'll get automated cashback. If there is any question or suggestion, please reach out to us in our Discord.


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this all sounds good and I am a Hodler of cards and play the game myself.
I do use spt as a tag just because I know about it but really have no clue why the token exists and what its use case is. Just because you write about splinterlands is not really enough for me and there do not seem to be any sinks so this will only cause more and more devaluation. there is no reason for anyone to buy the token or am I missing something?

Nope, you're right, there's not really a use case for SPT at the moment. Unfortunately....

Currently the token SPT has no sink but I hope this changes in the future. When it was first created I remember talks of a potential sink being created being a hot topic. For the founders to not create an eventual sink for the SPT token that has the games name embedded in it would be (in my opinion) a massive blunder.

They seem to take care and create value for everything they have created within the Splinterlands game/universe so I have no reason to think SPT will be any different. But its entirely possible we never see a sink for SPT.

I have over 10,763.00 SPT tokens powered up, I know this is great for curation but does this mean they will never be worth anything!?👹😳

I have no clue what they'll be worth in the future but they do have trading value atm. I'm holding them and staking as much as I can as I believe eventually we will get a sink. I have no information that leads to that being true its just that I have seen the Devs of Splinterland create value for everything else they created so I'm banking on them doing the same for SPT.

I have to agree with you! Fingers crossed my friend, I power up all Tokens anyways for the future hopefully one of them pays off, that would be awesome!!👍👍👍💪💲

There's also a @sourovafrin's market bot in the Cheap Monsters Discord channel. It gives a 3% cashback.

And MonsterMarket gives 3% cashback on cards, and 2% on packs - just checked this morning with @reazuliqbal

I knew there was others and cheap monsters was on the tip of my tongue when creating this topic. I'm happy someone stopped by and mentioned them. I'm less familiar with CheapMonsters so I couldn't say much on their services provided (although I'm sure its top notch). There's other as well but I'm unfamiliar with them.

(Monster Market) 3% on purchases / 2% on pack purchases is displayed on their site. Thanks for mentioning that, I have edited the topic to more correctly display the information.

with Christmas coming up I would not be surprise $5 million market cap in the next couple of weeks.

Also I would like to mention that steemians should use for upvoting as it will have dual earning in both spt token and steem.

I agree its certainly possible that we see a $5 million market cap. In either case Splinterlands growth has been nothing short of amazing.

You're correct to say that those upvoting from (who have SPT staked) will award SPT tokens but the upvote doesn't need to come directly from the SPT site. If someone has SPT staked and upvotes content that contains the SPT tag it will still award SPT tokens to the author of said content regardless of what font end the user upvoted from.

The upvote part I am uncleared. So even if the post has a tag for some other token like palnet it will work the same? I upvote on steemit but earn palnet token if the post has palnet tag? Apologies for the dumb question.

Not a dumb question at all.

As long as content contains tribe tags and the person upvoting has said tribe token staked it will earn tribe tokens.

So for example, I could create a post on Steemit and tag Palnet / SPT and Battle and I will earn each of those tokens when getting upvoted from those who have them staked.

Market cap if you use LISTING prices is already over 5 million... the one he uses manipulates the data in a weird way.
So you are correct according to one system it's already at 5 million so your estimation in the next couple of weeks is spot on.

Where can I buy cards - not packs, with fiat.

I want to level up my summoners and keep buying steem to do so, but then can’t bring myself to spend that much steem. I know it’s a psychological thing and I should just get over it, but it’s been months and I haven’t.

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I don't think its possible to do so on any market.

Private sales is the only way I know of for fiat -> card sales.


You have been manually curated by the @steemmonsters team!

Thank you for SHARING your Splinterlands content with the world! The more the merrier!

Enjoy your juicy upvote and keep creating excellent Splinterlands content!

This is perfection.
Thank you SO much for sharing this information.
And.. .I haven't even been to the forum in FOREVER. #badcarrie
Thanks for the reminder.
Imma send you an UNTAMED pack for your troubles (from me).

Thanks for your kind words @carrieallen and for the UNTAMED pack as well.

I have to admit, its been awhile since I posted on the forum.

donde puedo extraer datos de splinterlands?

Tomé la información de capitalización de mercado de la discordia.

I took the market cap information from discord.

Awesome post with some great information, thanks for sharing @rentmoney , upped 💯 and resteemed!👹👍


Thanks for the Beer!!👍🙋

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That market cap system is outdated and proven to basically be wrong. sorry.
Good news is depending on the system of calculation you choose it could be higher. (or slightly lower if you choose the more typical calculation system)

I know there's other (possibly) more accurate market cap numbers out there. There's plenty of different ways of calculating that number. I think market price is likely the best way. List price can give inflated numbers due to the fact any card can be listed for any amount. Its what cards actually sell for that's the most important.

Thanks for stopping by have an !BEER

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You forgot to add @conestkings aspect into this widely Splinterlands universe.

Contestkings is a discord for people that host giveaways that follow the no upvote/ no resteem and no follow line of thinking. They are heavily invested in Splinterlands that's for sure but there's other aspect to CK other than Splinterlands.

But you're right, I absolutely should highlight them in a post sometime soon. Its an awesome group for anyone to join. Thanks for bringing them up have an !BEER :)

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