Special Status Update: Curating Sportstalk tag with 250K sports staked

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@delegate4upvot has been providing upvotes to sportstalk articles for almost 23 days.

@delegate4upvot is powered up with many other scots tokens that can provide a bit of reward with simply an upvote even though it is a small percentage since @delegate4upvot is giving away almost 1k of upvotes daily.

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@delegate4upvot is still in active progress in powering up and the aim is to reach 1 million sports staked.

@delegate4upvot has also delegated 10k of sports to @neoxiancity account to support neoxian discord community.

Every weekend, there would be a special curation for posts upvoted by @neoxiancity with sportstalk tag.

I would like to thank @jaraumoses for his regularly support for my daily curation report.

Exclusive Blog Review For Neoxian Discord Members

@neoxian discord members who are interested to be added to the whitelist can comment under this special post to indicate your interest and your blog would be reviewed.

Please comment ‘I am a neoxian discord member. Please review my blog for whitelist.’

I would apologise that not all would be added to the whitelist due to the constrain of daily voting power as @delegate4upvot aims to maintain voting power above 80%.

If you are already receiving one daily upvote, it would mean that you are already in the whitelist so you need not apply.

Thank you for all your support and continue to stay strong as more good things are coming our way on steem platform.

@delegate4upvot welcomes all types of token delegation if you like this initiative and would like to support it without any obligation or string attached.

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