I Won My Very First Battle Ever Since Buying Cards At The Very Beginning 💪 Opening Two New Packs To Celebrate

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Since being my very first couple games, three in total I played, I obviously have no idea how to play or if my cards are any good. What I do know is that I picked many of them up in the very beginning and pretty well since then had stopped paying attention to the game. I have been busy and today I wanted to search out a distraction from other ongoing complications 😉

STEEM is great for that... an endless source of distractions and things to get excited about! I got my very first DEC 0.007 for winning that fight... then lost the next two but I do intend to play some more... often when laying down in bed I get sucked into writing a post but I can't put that down till I am finished keeping me up forever. Sometimes I get into editing a video or a picture and same thing, while on the creative trip I cannot put it down. Maybe I can get a little into this battling and earn something while I am at it, was the reason I started picking up steemmonsters packs in the first place.

After deciding I wanted to start playing just for the sake of playing I went and purchased 2 packs celebrate the victory and you know try my luck 😉 I do like gambling so its kind of a natural fit!

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4 Rare, sounds like a good pull to me... I don't know enough to say much more lol... anyone out there care to give me a little feedback on the cards I got?

So from here I need to ask, what are the best strategies to winning battles in this game?

What about as an investment, what strategy are you taking?

I figure I will do my usual and just collect but I am kinda interested in the card market as well as what those Alpha pack tokens are all about.

Anyways, feel free to drop any links you wrote or found helpful for your @Steemmonsters experience in the comments I would love to give them a read 👌









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3 summoners out of 2 packs is awesome buddy. You need to try and complete your daily quest battles to win free reward cards. I will check out your deck and send you some reward cards if you don't have them. Ask me anything anytime.