I powered up over 3500 STEEMS! OOOOOHHH YEAAAAAHHHH! 💪steemCreated with Sketch.

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Welcome Guys!

I am really excited about that fact that I become a dolphin after one power up!

dolphin graphic.png
picture created by Atnazo

Yesterday I decided to power up my savings into steem power!


That is my vote power mesured by steemworld and has increased by 0,03 $!

steemworld vote power1.png

So now I can say that I have over 5k steem power! Yeah! That's really amazing feeling Guys!

I really appreciate delegation from @pharesim
I won these steem power delegation for 3 months from TeamOCD tournament. I played in Gods Unchained with many steemians and I was one of the four lucky winner, who won 500 SP delegation for 3 months.

That reward for this tournament motivated me for power up more steems, becuase I get bigger vote power :)

I know that yesterday was not Steem Power Up Day, but I was so excited about that much steems and just can't wait more for power uping them :) It was a impuls, I saw post of my friend, who used tag spud and I had many steems in my savings on the exchange. So I decided to make use of them. He just can't have that much more steem than me :D

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I think you will officially become a dolphin when you reach 5k owned SP (doesn't include delegations). @steemitboard should notify you when it happens. Good luck! @alliedforces curate

You got some love from a member of @thealliance family!
Keep up the great work!
The #spreadlovenotwar curation campaign is under the guidance of witnesses @enginewitty and @untersatz.
Current VP: 87.54%

Thanks, I now have power of dolphin and I will be him officially very soon :)

You did it!

The question is...when will @steemitboard become an orca? 🙃

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On my way 🚲😅

👍 Already vote for your witness too and here’s an extra upvote @untersatz curate 100

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This post has been upvoted by witness @untersatz. You've done a great job!
The @untersatz witness and manual curation is under the guidance of @contrabourdon and @organduo.
Current VP: 70.28%

Thank you so much @contrabourdon, really appreciated!

Pretty cool! Im still figuring out all this steem stuff...maybe it wasnt clever to use my first few STEEM to buy gods unchained packs x)

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I cumulated these steems for long time and i wanted to power them up. I need like 200 more to be officially a dolphin, but I hope so that will be not big problem to pass this 5k Steem Power limit soon :P

I think you made what you wanted to do, you have fun playing this game. That is the most important to be happy :)

Awesome and congrats!

Thanks !