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📸 Camera: DJI Mavic Pro (+ Polar Pro ND Lenses)
🌐 Location: Bury St. Edmunds, UK



I've hardly been on here in the last month. I've missed loads - HF21 and 22, bid bot wars, downvoting changes, communities growing stronger and still random coins are turning up in my Steem Engine, thanks for that!

The reason for my absence has been a move from my house sitting, semi-nomadic ways to a new 'almost settled' status. In mere days/weeks I will be a first time father and have a been getting to grips with my new job in the lovely English market town of Bury St. Edmunds. Living here in Suffolk will present new opportunities to meet others, sample new ales and get that drone buzzing about.

I can't wait to be back and start contributing towards the photography, tech communities and start attempting new
storytelling from the skies soon. So on that, I've decided to get involved on @streetstyle concept to and SPUD up. I thought that on this occasion i'd celebrate all of the 6's and power up by 66.66 STEEM.


I'm still a minnow and I will mostly try to grow my account organically, but with some spare BTC knocking about I am happy to strengthen my account. I see this as an investment in myself, my writing, my photography and of course this awesome platform. Talk soon!

I do love a good spud

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"I see this as an investment in myself, my writing, my photography and of course this awesome platform." Awesome quote, and if I may add, you also gain the ability to help others empower themselves when you curate, especially those in dire need.
BTW, I think my bro has one of those drones. He was super into it, but not so much now.
Thanks for participating and supporting #spud and #spud6 Take care, and congrats on that upcoming major event called Fatherhood. Cheers!

Thanks for reading and the comment @streetstyle! Yes, you are indeed correct! There are many positives that can and will come about from Steem. Let's all stick around and make them happen! Surprised your bro didn't just go onto a BIGGER drone :D

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When I moved some BTC into Steem last week, I asked myself, "Which seems more likely to occur, Steem hits $1 or BTC hits $66,000?" I've seen Steem at $1 many times, but I've never seem BTC at $66,000.

This is true... do you see it going that high again though? I hope so. I don't think BTC will ever be a high as McAfee says. Thanks for the comment!

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I think it's highly likely that eventually Steem will be above $1 again. It may take a year or 2. Of course I'm basing this solely on my gut feeling.

I also believe this will take time. I also believe we need some money generating business/apps on the platform to really push it.

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