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Did I say FUD?

I meant FOMO.


It's just that SPUD FUD rhymes.

With Steem slowly gaining ground in a flat market I've caught the power-up bug once again. My Bitcoin/Ethereum/Litecoin hedges are just barely passable enough to justify this move. Honestly, I should have just played it safe with Bitcoin, but what fun would that be?

At the end of the day I want bragging rights that I acquired a dolphin's worth of Steem when the price was sub 17 cents. I really would have felt like I missed out if I couldn't say that.

Litecoin swing trade.

If all goes well Litecoin will spike up from a lack of liquidity resulting from the halving in August. This will allow me to cash out of there and get even more Steem. Here's to hoping I can make Orca over the next year with a little luck. Feels good to almost be half way there.

It's important to note that I NEVER thought I'd have this much stake in Steem. I thought the price was going to stay above $2 or at least above $1 at one point. Like many of us back then, I had caught the FOMO bug back in the day as well.

Let's hope it turns out a bit better this time, shall we?

The SMT pump and dump may just now be starting to gain some ground. I still value Steem at a minimum of 40 cents and think we can easily get back to this level. We are very oversold, and the price of SBD reflects that.

At the end of the day Steem has to go x10 from where it is now to even have the same market cap as my favorite ERC-20 token Maker (and I think Steem has a lot more intrinsic value than Maker). Remember when we were consistently hovering between #27 and #33 rankings? With our liquidity issues (in both directions) I think we have a real possibility of achieving that within the next year or two.

Even if we don't the power-up will have still been worth it.


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Hard to argue with the logic. I think most of us of a bullish sentiment bought in at $1, then again at 50c, then again at 25c...
At this point it's just about running out of fiat to invest.

With the way most main social media platforms are going sites like these have nowhere to go but up. I remember seeing only posts about steem and i still see a good bit of them. However I am seeing many of them replaced with a great variation of article types. This platform is not like facebook, twitter, or instagram. Not in the essence of currency accumulation but in the time that it came about in the market.
People are looking for alternatives now. I hear it daily and I consistently share with them this site.
When facebook came out i think the only competition was myspace which became more of a craigslist than anything.
Steemit however... It was created into a saturated market where most comminication areas were covered. Zuckerburg knew this when he mentiomed that facebook would not have any dealinga with hate speech. People are going to want to have a place to speak freely and what platform better to do it on than steemit. Im sure he knows about thia site, and im poaitive he sees its potential like voth you and I.
Im in it more for freedom at thia place than currency. My investment is more of a sponsorship. Hopefully with this sites succsess well both fimd money on the long run.

Maybe with a little time, a lot of work, and some messups by the competitors will do us good. I k ow one things for sure. This site has to get more user friendly. Most of my friends complain about not having the time to kearn the ins and outs of the site to post. There are so many keys to remember, and a lot of the time i hear earned revenue from the site in conversation.

Its just that though. Like i said, this site is still in baby stages. It will mature as more become tired of the way the others are operating. At least that is my hope.

Choo choo. Im ready for the band-wagoners to come back and make all my blogging earnings that I’ve been HODLing worth blogging about.

I’m not a dolphin yet but I still have waaaaaay more steem than I ever thought I would back when my 60SP was worth 0.02STEEMUNITS

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I'm right there with you when I got here it was around 4 bucks and sat at 1 dollar for some time after the crash and I never thought I'd ever own the amount of Steem I have no and I'm taking every opportunity to continue to add to it.

I set all my rewards to SP only and keep powering up, gotta get while the gettings good. If SMTs become a hit STEEM will be tougher to come by

Thanks for supporting and helping #spud grow, helping to make this #spud7 even better. Again, thanks, and take care!