I am powering up 649 steem for spud7

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I believe and love steem, for this reason i power up 649 steem for spud7 hope this wonderfull social network that make us special, grown a lot until the heaven.

I was saving steem for a necesity or when i need to uses the money for something to buy things, but when i know about the spud, i decided to make it for save for the future, the work for get steem it is a little hard but the best decition that we can do it is invest a lot of steem as you can.

Well if you could not do it because you need to buy food, well it is comprensible but if you power up a cents and one by one it is the moment to do its every time as you can.

Sorry for the mistakes in languaje.

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Super #steempower moves @galberto Gracias for your participating and doing your part to support #spud and making this #spud7 a greater event. Take care y asta luego, saludos!

Thank you so much sr, we hoppe enjoy a lot of our steemit network, this place make me happy for practing the foraging and homesteading learning.
Thanks for your support.

it's great @galberto

Thank you sr.

Whoop whoop. Síguele amigo. Poco a poco, aunque 600+ cuando valgan 10USD cada uno no será tan poco

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Gracias estimada, esperamos que así sea y podamos crecer muchisimo y esto llegue muy lejos.

Hola @galberto , feliz fin de semana para ti y tu familia .
Bendiciones .

Gracias Martita es ud muy amable que asi sea para compartir alegres momentos con la familia.