I wanted to Power UP - and then the chain froze | 750 SP added to honour SPUD

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Many thanks to @streetstyle pushing SPUD every month!

Better late then never?

I wanted to join SPUD last Sunday, showing I'm partaking in #NewSteem, celebrating the HF21/HF22 rollout, because why not? But then the chain froze. Yes, that sucks, but it's also proof the chain notices quickly when something isn't right and is able to prevent that thing from happening. Then the developers and witnesses have to do a bunch of stuff so the chain can produce blocks again - and they did.

So here I am, back to writing again.

So, Rosa, you mentioned celebrating HF21/HF22? How so?

Beforehand I didn't know if I would be celebrating HF21 or mourning the passing of HF20. I'm a 'let's see what happens' kinda person, and I had immense doubts about many of the changes that were proposed for HF21, then I was looking forward to it, just to go back to having severe doubts again.

In the end I came back to my natural position: Let's see what happens, was the last thing I thought before the HF20 curtain closed forever.

The 'let's see what happens' part of me has been pretty excited about the first few days of HF21 (which quickly turned into HF22).

I've seen the Trending Page getting a make-over. I've seen passive users start using their stake - and in many cases not just their '2,5 free downvotes', no, just full-on series of 100% downvotes towards a certain type of user we can all agree on we don't like: the takers, the leachers, the immense bidbotters, the huge self-voters without adding value, support or engagement towards the community.

I've seen circle-jerkers break up their own circle to start curating a little in the broader community - maybe out of self-interest? Maybe not? It doesn't really matter, STEEM is flowing new directions.

I've seen bidbot owners inform us on new ways of dealing with quality versus no-quality bots, and yes, this could all have been done way way earlier and can definitely be seen as them trying to save their own asses - but hey - on #NewSteem we can't complain too much eh!

I'm glad to see the SPS is getting proposals and the first one is being paid out already - another thing to keep our eyes on under #NewSteem.

Ofcourse, there's worries and complaints too. I haven't heard how the smaller accounts are faring under the new changes. I don't know how the 'attack against bidbots' will play out and if it will go too far or if we can find a nice middle ground where great posts can still be botted and shit-posts are rejected or downvoted by the community. And will the SPS be able to prove its worth?

But for me personally STEEM looks pretty cool right now. And I wanted to ride that wave of positivity a bit. So - 2 days later than planned, I Powered UP 750SP so I could get myself over the 13000 SP level.

Now: Let's Curate!
It's all the rage under HF21/HF22 I heard.

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I think of myself as one of the smaller accounts. I do not have a total understanding of crypto currency but that does not matter. I am primarily a user of content on steem block chain, an occasional content maker/(sharer) on steem. I today just made it over 2000 SP. two years and one month. powered up today, because like you said, things went wonky on Sunday.

I am still on the fence about a lot of things HF 21/22 but I am still here, and have not bothered yet to learn how to withdraw and convert to fiat. One day I may learn how, but for now I am fine with voting, commenting, and sometime sharing some stuff on steem.

Good for you - powering up and not thinking about cashing out yet. You've been here longer than I have - impressive!

I think what's a small account now will be a huge account in the future - yes there's always outliers but a 2000SP account will be something people look up to in the future. Despite that, I can understand why you feel like a smaller account in the current ecosystem - and I hope accounts like yours will feel supported by the changes because we need more of you.

Small thing I could do is follow you so I can actually upvote your posts once in a while :D Cheers @bashadow, hope the changes work out for you too!

getting more in curation, that part is good since I do vote more than I post stuff. Some wed. walks and photo's mostly, and tries at stories. But I do like seeing and sharing photo's loved the train window ones you had. There is content for just about any taste on steem block chain.

I will post more Train Window shots in the future, that's a topic I will probably never finish and I'm also thinking about making it into a book :D

My wife gets some pretty amazing pictures at 55 mph through the car windows, me all I ever get is the dirty windshield it seems.

Perfect :)

That is a nice amount - powered up 728 recently myself, too :) I'm having a regular schedule of buying STEEM every two weeks for cost averaging. I also have some Bitcoin with couple buying orders waiting if it spikes. I can already see myself at 10k :)

I'm liking the current state of Steem; bid bot owners starting to curate content, who would've known!

Ps. The meetup in Tampere will be held in 28th of September. I made a Discord group for the purpose, so I can drop you a link there if you wish.

Ohhh yes! Please drop me a link :D Don't know if it's manageable to join but if it is - why not :D Meet-ups are fun! Super happy you went for it and set a date.

And YAY for dollar cost averaging - if I find a job I'll do the same :-)

The changes are done now so all we can do is see where it all goes next. There are positives and negatives to the hardfork but we needed a shake up and I love the proposal system. I'll keep powering up and growing with you.

Yay - you're definitely one I want to see grow with me on this platform :-) Let's take it small steps at a time and we'll be good :-)

Screw that. I'll race you to Orca!!!

Hahahaha! Ready... Set... GO! :D

i remember you celebrating dolphinhod as it was yesterday. time flies :)

RIGHT?! It's crazy how time flies. I'm a bit less active currently but I'm glad I'm still here. Although it's tiring sometimes too :-)

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Obviously small accounts are in worry. Their self upvotes are now worthless. I have over 3.5k SPs and I post not more than once in a day. $0.06 value of my vote went down to $0.03. Only increase I see is when I curate authors who consistently make over 20 steems every post!

That simply implies the bigger names and forget of the Plankton's and minnows. The way Steem is behaving I hardly see life exists for any Plankton's or minnows. If you further notices apart from few the whales have made their own voting circle that only supports and follow each other. Living the juniors or the small players only to follow them....with loads of expectation ...

I have a hard time understanding the so-called quality content which is said to be the eligibility criteria to be curated. The life of planktons and minnows is really tough on steem!

So it will vanishes...when they see no ground for them to survive

@sathyasankar Your vote value didn't change, it's just with the new 'curve' that if you're the only/first one to vote a post it will be of lower value, when bigger votes are added to the post the value of your vote will grow :-) It's complicated but that's what the 'curve' means. And yes that indeed means that if you vote on posts which will get a bigger payout your value is bigger :-)

moving up on the dolphin list... I bought a bit as well. Long term we are either well off or we are a bit poorer

Ha! Yes indeed. Glad you're buying though! <3

Coin Spot**

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Nice :))) Congrats on the the power up. I have a habit of rounding my SP on the last day of the month so I reached 13k on August 31. I was actually thinking about setting another goal for me - increase my SP by 1,000 Steem every month but seeing the results of the HF changes, I wouldn´t probably be able to achieve that (even though I like the New Steem and the improvements it has brought) so I will just stick to our original plan and that is 15k by the end of this year ;) See you there Rosa :)

Hehehe - we're still going side by side @phortun! Well done and from what I can see I think we'll make our goal of 15k before the end of the year indeed!

I was saving up some STEEM to power up as well, but I didn't realize it took place over the weekend and I missed it. I usually take a break from Steem on the weekend just so I can maintain my sanity!

Hahaha - GOOD for you! Taking breaks is just as important as being present. I'm skipping more and more days currently as I really feel like there are parts of my life that need more attention <3

My social worker wife is a huge fan of self care. I know you can appreciate that.

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Love the ending line..."Let's Curate" something that make many user to focus on monetising the content and bringing back the value on Steem....something missing earlier

I agree :-) I see more curation, both upvoting as well as downvoting :-) I love it!

Things slowly started heating up....on Steem

I enjoyed reading this article, @soyrosa. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Thanks for reading! <3

13,000 SP?!!! Holy Moly! I was thinking of power up 15 steem today. 🤣😂🤣

GO GO GO for it! :D Don't think about the numbers too much - for some 13000 SP is peanuts and something they can power up every week :') We're all both smaller and bigger than others at the same time and we'll probably live the rest of our lives like that :P

Thank you for supporting the #spud movement @soyrosa Although this #spud5 did have its hiccups, #spud6 will make up for it. Take care.

Hehe - go for it! Do you have any numbers of how many people power up under the #spud tag?

Hello @soyrosa Sorry for the late reply, just got caught up on weekend projects. As for numbers, I generally rely on what @penguinpablo publishes for stats, but with this #spud 's hiccups from the blockchain going down, I didn't really bother because I didn't think it would be accurate of what #spud5 would have done had it not been for the blockchain crashing.
Thanks for your support and interest in #spud Take care.

Better late than never! Well done you. I tried to yesterday but Point spot was working on the Steem wallet on there and I think and it wouldn't go through. Oh well at least I have bought the Steem it's just a matter of getting it here at some point.

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