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Making the News

First off, Thank you @pennsif for putting the SPUD initiative in your Steem in 10 News Letter. This helps spread awareness of the ongoings of the Steem blockchain and of course lets Steemians know about the Steem Power Up Day initiative. SPUD has now become a monthly event taking place on the 1st of every month, with the next one taking place on November 1st, 2019.

I always like to remind everyone that the Steem Blockchain is actively running around the world with Steemians participating from all over the world. This means that the SPUD event technically last more that 24 hours as it makes its way around the world, which I find fascinating for some reason which I just can't explain. I don't know if it is the idea that "my 24 hours" are different than someone else's half way around the world, or that SPUD actually last 48 hours as it traverses the world's time zones, or just maybe that SPUD is a Global Event that takes place throughout the World amongst many Steemians from many different parts of this Earth. What it maybe, I am still not sure but I am still in awe of that fact that the Steem community is so supportive of SPUD and isn't tired of it yet. In fact, it seems to still be growing as the word spreads about Steem Power Up Day and its prizes.

Now speaking of spreading the "news" about SPUD, I noticed that Steemian @pennsif has a newsletter he puts out about events taking place on the Steem blockchain. In one of his post, he does a brief snippet of the top stories going on, and SPUD was one of these stories. Seeing this I was inspired to do something in return.

I decided that I would create a simple digital design of @pennsif 's title, "STEEM News in 10." I spent about an hour or so in Photoshop. Using my limited supply of fonts and then design, skills I came up with this design you see here. I know it is not very good, but I just wanted to show a small token of my appreciation for the SPUD mention in the newsletter.

Next I gave the Photoshop file to my brother, who actually does make logos for a living, asking him for some of his artistic input except I put a stipulation. I asked him to take the file I had given him, which is the one you see posted here, and to only spend 20 minutes, and no more on editing this file to make it better. I explained to him that it was a small token of appreciation, that no one had asked me to do this and that by placing a 20 minute time constraint, it became a learning challenge for him to see what he could do in a time crunch.

Stay tuned for his rework of this design.

Again, thanks for the mention and support @pennsif Please just take this as a token of appreciation and nothing more.

To everyone else, bring on the SPUD7 MEMES, LOGOS, and POSTS, using the SPUD7 TAG to GET A 100% UPVOTE from

Take care Everyone!

+++ @streetstyle

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Thank you again.

You are welcome @pennsif and thank you for your efforts to keep all of informed about the Steem News happening around us. Sometimes there is so much going around Steem and crypto it
Is hard to keep up with it all but this helps.

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Aqui mi visita amigo,mucha salud para usted y espero logre el exito que busca por el bien de todos,saludos y un fuerte abrazo

buenas noches amigo @streetstyle deseo que se encuentre bien al igual que su familia amigo, lo felicito una ves mas por su exelente trabajo en esta plataforma. feliz noche amigo.

a good digital design. I love it. and hopefully on November 1, many people will join the spud. I plan to do power ups with a total of 500 steem on November 1. I hope I can collect it.

well here is a little help towards that... good luck on your goals!! #spud #spud7

Greta that it got noticed at that level

I am short of Vote power so here is a !tip

Great design and what a great way to acknowledge @pennsif. I'll be SPUD-ding on 1 November...

So glad this initiative is growing!

Thank you @fionasfavourites , I will be posting the re-work of this design by my brother very soon. And yes, #spud is now at #spud7 Thanks for participating and supporting this initiative. Take care.

Let us go on spud with new steem...

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#spud on for #spud7 @golden.future Take care and have a great day!!

Great. We know you can create great work. I Like it. Your digital art will support @pennsif newsletter.
And I am sure #spud will get more and wider place in Steem. We hope next spud will get more supporter and participants. I also will post about spud soon.

Thanks @rokhani and yes, #spud is growing and now #spud7 will be even greater!!

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