Not a 'pure' SPUDX, but still... ~275 new STEEM locked.steemCreated with Sketch.

in LeoFinance •  2 months ago 

I currently have ~294 STEEM tokens in my wallet.

And I was wondering what I should do with them as I don't want to loose almost all my liquidity.

For that reason I'm taking a different approach:

-On the 'powering up' side, I'm powering up ~30 STEEM which represents a 2,5% increase of pure SP in my account @empoderat.


-I'm sending ~250 STEEM tokens to @leodex to purchase 250 freshly SPI tokens. It isn't a 'pure' power up, but hey! Every single SPI token is backed by 1SP anyway. All this steem end being locked into the system.

The main difference is that @spinvest is the one taking care of them all...

spi purchase.png

100% of earnings of this post are also being powered up :)


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Great moves in support of the Steem Blockchain and #spud Thank you @empoderat

Pleasure is mine ;)

Damn right, that's how its done!! No playing about with small numbers :)

Good choice! And today a little pump for STEEM!