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Let's get Steemy

I reviewed my posting and curation history for October 2019 and I want to share my #SteemJournal with you. Today is November 1st which means it is #SPUD 7. A lot happened during October and I consolidated some of my opinions, especially on curation, CSI and SEO.

In my opinion, a Steem Journal is a monthly summary of my thoughts and activities on Steem. I wrote something similar last month. This is, therefore, My Steem Journal # 2. However, I'm not going to count because it is irrelevant, so Let's begin.

This is a drawing I drew for #inktober I never bothered sharing. It's unrelated to spud. 헐! means the same as OMG! It's pronounced as 'heol' or 'her' depending on who you ask.

October 2019 SPUD

I think it is SPUD7, I'm not sure. In any case, I want to call out @streetstyle for this great initiative.

I like the idea of SPUD, but I also like being critical. Last time I complained that counting the months is dumb, especially when the starting month was irrelevant and I think we may have even missed one or two. Now, my new SPUD criticism (which I'm sure has also been raised before) is why 1 day, SPUD is every day. My solution, show my monthly SPUD activity on SPUD day and do a token powerup. Without wasting more time, let's look at my monthly SPUD activities.

Month of SPUD.JPG
This is my month of SPUD. Obviously the large one had some outside help.

As you can see, I powered up 3850 Steem during the month of October. On the 1st of November, I powered up a healthy 42 Steem. Exciting huh? Clearly I'm not selling my Steem and I'm powering up well over 100% of my earnings.

I guess the large one should be explained. Well, I got 3657 Steem from Binance. My Steem Power grew by 38%. I took advantage of rock bottom prices to increase my holdings to a respectable 14,757 SP. I'll be a triple dolphin in no time.

Scot Tokens

@steemitblog announced that #SMT will be ready late Q1 2019 and they will be awesome. In the meantime, we have SCOT-tokens, so why not bring up my activity.

I have a lot of beer, most of these are worthless.

I picked up #BUILD-it and dumped sports. I like DIY stuff and have been called out by the community a lot. I bought a bit and will be doing some DIY posts soon. I dropped sports because I don't remember the last time I tagged it. I'm not investing in a social blog tribe I don't tag. Sorry jocks, I'm a nerd.

I also increased some of the other tokens a lot, especially the ones that were newish or at least to me. There are a few others I am just selling all the profit from, but I'll consider talking about that more next month.

#steem-leo released an awesome next exchange and it keeps getting better. Here it is:

I am hoping they improve it and imagine they are. I didn't post in LEO much recently, but I still like it, I just didn't earn any this past month because I had other priorities. I'll be back (hell I'll tag this post cause I invested). Tribe owners, if you want me to invest in your tribe or coin, I need to be interested and I need to see improvement. If you want me to keep it, I better at least see some community engagement and onboarding or hunting for people who may forget to tag.


I only want to mention Search Engine Optimization Briefly, I'll do a more thorough post later.

To be honest, you aren't going to make much money with SEO on Steem. However, SEO tips can improve your blog. Notice how I made my first picture irrelevant, but interesting? That will get clicks but it won't improve #SEO To improve this, you must make your blog relevant.

  • use header
  • label everything
  • use relevant tags and try to bring them up
  • pick a normal title
  • use things like lists, but don't go overboard
  • name your pictures
  • use internal (steem and your posts) and external (url) links
  • use hashtag '#' and '@' because these are also links
  • improve your writing skills
  • use grammar and spell check

Improving the style and engagement will help you earn on Steem. A good picture and clear title help. No one wants to read my diary No. 283.

A lot of people talk about onboard, that's why I'm going to share on Twitter and Facebook even if I don't use it and no one looks, it's at least 2 more links for google to pick up from sites way more popular than Steemit or Steempeak.

The best way to onboard is for everyone to improve their SEO. Tags are very important. I use a few generic tribe tags, but I plan to use less and less, especially in the first 5. For example, I wrote about the #SuwonTreefrog. It's not on google yet, but it would be cool to get even on page 10 when types in. Tag unique things and try to get up there. Bringing in outsiders won't necessarily translate into votes, especially since people voting with 0 SP doesn't help and signing up to Steem is a nightmare for outsiders (I can give you a free account ;)

Who knows who you can accidentally onboard? Let's all improve our SEO accordingly. It will make Steem a better place.

October Stats

I wrote a total of 16 blogs in October, 14 paid out already and 3 are pending.
I made around 381.11 Steem this month and another 50 or so from selling random scot-tokens

Oct 2.JPG
Not Pending
These are all my posts from October. I am satisfied

My post successful post is a post about frogs. Another is about food. Both took a lot of research or work and a little photo-editing and writing time. Blogging and posting aren't just about writing. 2 of my posts had beneficiaries. In one case there was a Steem World error.

This post says the payout was 0.00$ but the payout was not declined.

SteemWorld Error

I suspect the reason for the #SteemWorld bug was because Steemworld is now tracking beneficiaries differently. The change probably happened mid-payout or something. In that post, I set 50% to the @steem.dao and 50% to @null. I didn't earn anything but the curators earned about $15 and the Dao earned around $7.50. Sending to Null just erases Steem. I still love you Steem World and supported the @steemchiller proposal before it was cool. Glad you made it buddy.


I want to set beneficiaries sometimes, but not always 100%. Better than thou posts, calling people out, #newSteem posts, rants and stuff like that are perfect for that. No one can or will hit your post if you decline payouts and only jerks will hit you if you are setting high beneficiaries (or being really rude and aggressive).

CSI = Engagement

CSI means Community Support Index. Voting #CSI is really neat. Here is an old post about it:

Basically CSI is negatively influenced by self votes and selectively voting for the same people over and over (ie the ratio between accounts and total votes). It is positively influenced by your SP and voting for a ton of different people. Unlike the curation and engagement league by @abh12345, comments and such don't influence it.

My CSI is much higher than a lot of 'curators'

I've decided that anyone with a CSI score below 5 is probably best avoided as a #circlejerker or #selfvoter or #noobie. They need to learn better #engagement. If someone wants to call themselves a curator, they should probably be above 15.


As seen above, my curation is quite low 80 in a month is unsatisfying. Actually my curation efficiency was 39.29% last week and the weighted one was 41.82 %. This means I need to fix something. I did a few manual vote curation sessions where I checked tags and 'explore on #SteemPeak, however, I mostly just voted people in my various engagement circle and those either I follow or see resteemed by people I follow or curators I follow.

Auto Votes

I've got a new rule moving forward. I'm going to remove most of my auto votes on individual accounts. I will stop automatically voting for curation projects. If they curate me or I look at their list I will vote, otherwise, meh. Too many people are following them and they are getting plenty of support.

That being said, please inform me of people who need support and deserve it (if your CSI is below 15, no dice!)

My goal is to try to give away less than 2 full votes a day from auto voting. So that is like 10 at 20%. I'm going to continue voting for accounts of the services I use like #SteemRewarding and #SteemWorld (if they post). I'm also going to curate the posts of the trails I follow.

Voting Trails

In October I followed @theluvbug, @c-squared and @naturalproducts. Now it's a new month.
I want to change things up a little. I'm to still do curation project, but I'm also going to start with individuals. I'm going to use Asher's Curation and Engagement league table here

I'll pick the best and work my way through the list. It can never hurt to follow people above me right? Wrong! I'm not going to touch people with CSI less than 10. Congrats first place engager, but I sense you are a bit of a circle jerker. I ain't gonna follow that.

So this month it is @delishtreats, @curie, and @helpie. Curie and Helpie are great. I don't really know delishtreats, but their voting habits and posting habits look genuine. I hope they don't mind. My random 10% votes are worth like 1400+ SP and will help their curation and the person they are voting for...since it is not a circle win-win for all.

My main goal is to get my curation efficiency % up to around 60 without scoring a lot, having to develop a bot or complex system, or being an asshole (that's right I try not to vote too early, only for the same famous people, in a circle or for self.

Here are my trail settings for October

Last time I forgot to exclude myself so sometimes I accidentally self voted when they curated me. I'm not looking to be curated by these people, but don't mind if they do. I'll vote for up to 30 a day depending on my VP and 150 a week at 10%.

In case you don't know, my tool is by @holger80. He hasn't posted much recently. I miss you Holger, I really liked your posts on Tribes because it helped me analyze. Now I get to use @bluerobo's awesome charts instead, but I like your stuff, too. I also want to auto vote.

NewSteem and October

I got into a thing with downvoting early in October. I just mentioned why bid bots are no longer accepted by the consensus. You get downvoted if you use them. Actually, I think that's fine. It's better if no one uses them. It's really bad if only some people use them and Steem was going nowhere fast with everyone using them.

I also questioned vote trading on curation subscription services. I'm happy to say #steembasicincome changed. #Tipu also changed. #smartsteem also changed. Things are looking good. Hopefully, when SMTs are ready, outsiders will see a great community.

In the meantime, let's not fight let's discuss. Despite me not hesitate to share my opinions and doing a fair bit of downvoting myself, I've never really been attacked. I'm polite about it. I discuss it. I only talk to clear abusers who others agree are abusers. I mostly only go after spammers, bid bot misuse, bit bot abuse, and tag abuse. Usually, I give fair warning unless a lot of people are already downvoting it.

The key is dialogue. Let's continue the discussion. If you don't like #newsteem, if you did like it but don't like what it has become, we need to talk. I'm not going to attack anyone, but I invest in Steem and hope to see it succeed because I like making money from my investments, and I like engaging and blogging on Steem. If it's just a scammy scheme promoting weird junk or just endless dribble, who's gonna jump in?

Here was my other comic. His reply says ㅇㅋ which actually means nothing in Korea, but looks like OK in English.

If you have any suggests for who to curate, follow or just want to engage, please oblige me.

Let's all work and grow together ;)


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Thanks for your bug report and this great post!

The reason for the incorrect payout amounts resides in the Steem node's logic. We have a total_payout_value field that comes from the node, but it does not contain the beneficiaries part for paid out posts. So, if 100% goes to the beneficiaries, the node returns a payout of $0.

On Steemit your post payout is shown as:

(which is not really correct)

I've spent a few hours on this today and came to an acceptable solution I think:

It's still not 100% accurate, because it's impossible to know the exact values afterwards. I now use the curator_payout_value muliplied by two as total payout in those cases. The 'returned payout' can't be calculated for this, so I just show it as 0%.

If that won't be fixed in the node, I need to think about building an own solution that is purely based on reward shares (with a 'steem per mvests' history db in mind).

I wasn't expecting a fix this quickly, but I figured you would be able to understand what was wrong there better than most.

Before Steem.Dao, declining post reward was common, but nowadays setting beneficiaries is quite popular. Beneficiaries likely increase in popularity, too. I've seen a few people analyzing the use. Your tool is very helpful for this.

I think one thing to look at on the CSI line other than the score given is the number of votes, and the number of unique votes. As you say CSI score is affected by the amount of SP an account holds. For small accounts just starting, they are limited in the number of votes they can cast and still expect a return curation wise. Also they are getting their feet wet and learning the ropes, but even after all that, the fact remains they still have very little SP, and will tend to vote on people they have followed on their travels down Steemian Way. This does not make them a circlejerk voter expecting return votes for votes given. it is just a fact of life for the smaller SP accounts. Example this account of mine has just under 140 SP. Basically for the week it cast 80 votes, and 40 unique accounts, in the last 7 days. This equates to a CSI of 7.3.

Part of forming a network is trust. the only way to build SP and an account is to have quality people and things to vote on. Do I cast my vote on a known subject or individual, or do I throw my vote to the wind? There is a reason to follow people, there is a reason that people want to develop a following. If I say to myself that was a great read, but I voted on a post of theirs yesterday or earlier in the day so I can not vote for them again, am I doing anything to keep that individual on steem producing content that I enjoy reading or viewing?

There are people also that I vote on because they provide content opportunities for new users. Since I voted on their weekly post last week, does that mean I should not vote on them this week? Once again there is that situation where an individual providing an opportunity for a reason to post and a possible reward for the poster rethinking should they continue with their efforts if they have participation but no votes? It is a conundrum.

CSI is a good thing do not get me wrong, but there is a lot more to it than just that 7.3 rating number. I think a looking at the numbers is fine, but they may not tell the whole story, so a quick look at the out going vote wheel can put those numbers in perspective. If a voting CSI of 20 has 1/4 of the outgoing vote wheel in one color then that CSI score did you no good on it's own. If you are going to use a tool, (the CSI score), use the whole tool, a hammer has a claw foot for a reason, and that is to yank those bent nails out not just the hammer part to smash the bent bad nail into the wood.

Manually finding nice content to vote on is not an easy thing to do, and the more SP you have the longer it will take.

That being said, please inform me of people who need support and deserve it (if your CSI is below 15, no dice!)

I actually do not post with this account very often, it will one day become a curation account, or that is my hope, so in the meantime for things that I want to post but not on my primary account I have this one. This account of mine does not need the support, but when ruling accounts, (which is really people) out I just thought maybe a more full look would be possible.


Briefly “in here” this morning @abitcoinskeptic, enjoyed this informative post.

Extracting this …

”As seen above, my curation is quite low 80 in a month is unsatisfying. Actually my curation efficiency was 39.29% last week and the weighted one was 41.82 %.”

… do you mind sharing with us how you came up with the % values? I see where you got the 80, but not sure from there. I have always liked quantitative measures, i.e. KPIs, so hoping to learn something.

Smiled on this …

”My CSI is much higher than a lot of 'curators' …”

… as, according to you, I must be doing okay. 😉

Always something new to learn, so thanks for the effort you invested into creating this post! 👍

P.S. On this - ”If you have any suggests for who to curate, follow or just want to engage, please oblige me.” - I would encourage you to consider @blessed-girl and @leveuf. I would’ve also highly recommended @insight-out, but she hasn’t posted in a long time …

P.P.S. Unrelated to your post here, but since our last “exchange,” thought it might interest you to know I have begun to spend a little time figuring out where to invest my downvotes …


I also really like figures, that's why I think Steem combined with these analytical tools are great!

I get it from here, you can see efficiencies at the far right.

Getting it to ~50% is great because curation rewards are currently at 50% so that would mean a 0.02 vote returns 0.01 to you and 0.01 to the author. Apparently there are tools to help and predict, but I don't use any or know much about that.

It can take a little time to load, especially for those like us who vote for a lot of different accounts.

Your CSI is really great, too. I think everyone should try to increase this value before others. It's one of the best measures for the strength of the network. It would be neat to see global statistics. However from what I saw, above 20 isn't very common, so you are doing very well to spread your vote around.

Glad you liked the post. I think if people are aware of tools to judge quality and interconnectedness, things will keep improving.

I've followed all these accounts, from there few last posts, they look like great authors.

I don't expect everyone to downvote or follow my style, but you don't have to look very hard to find abuse or people who are over rewarded. As you just linked above, there are much better authors out there who probably deserve more. And bad actors can always improve. I usually remove my downvotes if asked nicely anyway.

Very good @abitcoinskeptic. Thank you for that! Funny it is down in a section of SteemWorld I have never used. And I love SteemWorld! 😊

Reminds me of my role prior to my recent retirement as a Business Analyst. While I am unaware of any definitive study of the topic, it wass a pretty widely held belief (in the professional circles where I live anyway) that only a small fraction of the total power of most applications is ever harnessed for the benefit of the organization who paid for them.

So ... Here I am learning about a feature of SteemWorld that I never took the time to check into. As you indicated, it took awhile to load, but here is where I ended up:

It appears, from your input above, that this isn't too bad. Honestly, I truly am an investor in Steem, but I have never taken the time to understand this type of information better. I typically just browse around "in here" and do whatever seems right and figure the "chips will fall where they will" from there. Probably an indication I am not that good of an investor ... 😉

Moving forward, benefiting from your detailed post here, hopefully I'll remember to keep a closer eye on these numbers. Thanks again for the assist! 👍


Glad you liked this feature. From your early CSI share, it looked like you voted around 1000 times in a week which is more than me. It needs to read and calculate all those cases.

Your weighted average is a lot higher than your average.
You likely give out a lot of smaller upvotes automatically or more haphazardly to people you just want to support. You don't pay much attention to maximizing curation rewards when doing this (maybe a lot are automatic).
You give out larger votes, probably mostly manually to things you really like or feel need the extra support.

Actually, I think a weighted average of above 50 is great. If you can get it to above 60, you are doing very well. That's my goal. You can just try to do a few less smaller votes for accounts that are already well supported. I've stopped auto-voting for anything already above 15SBD (my tool let's me set this). I rarely vote for anything above 50 SBD manually unless it's really profound or exceptional. It's helping my curation a bit and for the most part I can find more than enough content at this level. Very few authors I follow (other than steemitblog who burns it all anyway) normally hit above 50SBD.

So many topics to consider, and just as many acronyms and definitions. Being a Mother for the @steemterminal, my main focus has always been trying to help new Students that have arrived on the Blockchain. Then, being a writer for the @steembasicincome group, finally... curation on the posts I feel are providing positive energy for the Blockchain. I don't ever really think in terms of "old steem" or "new steem"... I'm reminded of the slogans used by food corporations...

New look... same great taste...

This is a great collection of information... and I appreciate the length at which you went to share it. Thank you for that...


This is the 2nd time I've heard of Steem terminal from these comments. I've got to check it out now. Helping new arrivals is important. I try to target more intermediate users, people who have their investment (time + money) to consider, or those are ready to start looking at the bigger picture.

There is so much valuable information on Steem. It's most important to help people find it all.

Helping is what we do! We are a part of the @heyhaveyamet initiative, that finds new Steemians via the #introduceyourself tag... providing a highlight they may not have got... upvote, and an invitation to the @steemterminal where we provide answers about the Blockchain, Discord, and even just a fun conversation, or positive advice for real-life issues. We consider ourselves family. Here... let me give you a lift!


I appreciate the reply and perhaps see you soon...


Thank you for sharing this information and doing what you do.

Glad to have you supporting #spud @abitoinskeptic and we are doing #spud8 yup 8 heheheh next. Anyhow, take care and keep up those amazing efforts!! Take care.

8 is one of my favorite digits. cheers to a happy 7 and best of luck during 8. maybe i'll try to spud some more next month, but I guess I'll need to buy more Steem (or get extremely lucky)

That's a really detail report and I like your holistic approach.

I never knew what CSI stands for as everytime I see it on Steemworld I think of the TV series. Now I wish I don't know. But then I know my engagement has always let me down on Steemit because I don't like commenting for the sake of commenting. And hence is the reason why I like to run little contests or challenges every now and then instead. Anyway, I started a postcard social experiment last mont if you're interested ^_^

By the way, you made a good call on @delishtreats.

I like numbers and I'm really starting to take interest in SEO. I think Steemitworldmap is an excellent way to improve it - especially for tourism stuff.

The more I learn and think about CSI, the more I realize it is the answer to a lot of problems on Steem. I thought CSI meant the same thing as you. The Steemworld CSI rank only considers your SP, the number of unique votes, self-votes and the number of votes (as far as I know). The main idea is the reach of your voting engagement. Comments don't matter. In Asher's league those are important, but so are comments.

I saw that postcard experiment. I'll look into it more on your next post about it.

Following individuals is a new idea of mine, but I'm going to be very careful about who I follow and only for a month at a time.

Thank you Pauline! :)

Stats are part of learning the history within a system, need to know where to go going forward, adjusting along the way.

Excellent well explained reasoning on this @abitcoinskeptic learn something new everyday. Fresh ideas and insight helps others progress forward, thanks!

The blockchain and stats go hand in hand. I think my writing topics scare some people. It's not always easy reading. I need to take a break and do a few simple posts.

I'm glad you liked it. It also helps me progress forward, too.

I'm coming back. Again. Lots to think about on a Friday afternoon. The CSI - I didn't know. There are lots of take aways from this that I'll come back to.My CSI is crap. So is my curation. I've only posted 3x this month, with a fourth in the making for #spud7.

I'll be back :)

PS I'm scared you're going to put me in the #circlejerker category ;)

Just to clarify, I don't plan on punishing people for #circlejerking. I just won't auto vote or curate those. It's my standard for people to be able to realistically call themselves curators.

Case-by-Case I still definitely manually vote any content I like or feel needs attention general voting habits aside. Just don't end up on any proper blacklist with clear and obvious abuse, which I doubt is even possible in your case.

It's a heavy Friday night post. 3X in one month is a little low, but I think the quality is more important than the quantity. Have a good #spud7


I am back and firstly - I was pulling your leg in my previous comment because, of course, you are focusing on curation....didn't you see the ;) ? ;)

Having re-read (and the comments), I have found more take aways, including that I have instinctively been doing the right thing of spreading my 50% vote as far as possible and trying not to vote too many times in a day. IMO curation takes as long as creation. Especially if one wants to make meaningful comments and engage.

I'm not a numbers person, but when someone explains numbers to me in words, I find it really helpful. So this, and where to look at number and what I'm seeing is extremely helpful.

On my small number of posts, two things. I have posted less frequently this month - and last - because I've been a little pre-occupied with stuff outside Steemland. However, an analysis of my posts shows that it's the long reads - 800+ words that get the return. Much better than curation. On rare occasions these can be quick to write (often because something is churning inside and needs to get out), but by and large, they take upward of 4 hours to prepare - the writing and the selection and editing of photographs. For me, though, that's a win-win: enjoying the creative process and the subsequent engagement. I don't hit the jackpot every time, but if I do once a month, even with the current price of Steem, I'm doing ok.

Lastly on #spud: This has taught me a lot about the benefits of powering up and when I joined the initiative, I also bought Steem with my SBD. I probably will again when I have enough to make it worth while. Doing that made a great deal of difference to where I can choose to put my vote. I've even delegated and leased some SP . I think I'm going to follow your lead, and @nickyhavey's advice, and rather than banking my Steem to power up on SPUD, I'm going to power up when the posts mature and then do a monthly tally. Why wait?

What I still have to decide is whether to retain the SP or whether to consider other leases. If I do the latter, I will select the accounts to which I lease very carefully. I will see better returns on curation from that, than I do from my own curation (which I'll continue to do).

Finally: a word of appreciation for these posts that, in layman's terms unpack what's going on on Steemit (and the vagaries of Steem). I learn a great deal which makes me think more critically about what I'm doing here and why.


PS Like you I'm also getting more and more interested in SEO. But. It does mess with the creative writing process. IMO. We shall see.

Haha, I knew you were joking. However, some people who were reading my comments that day were definitely not joking so I wanted to play it safe.

I think you are on the right track with numbers. I know it's complicated for a lot of people, so when I use numbers and statistics, I try my best to avoid complicated language. It's hard enough for me to wrap my head around and I love numbers. Glad you found it helpful.

I also prefer longer posts. Quality over quantity is important, but I try to use shorter paragraphs, headings or pictures when it gets long to keep people happy. I would say it takes me around 2 to 4 hours to write the average blog. This doesn't include finding pictures or research. Just editing, making the outline and writing.

SPUD is very important. If you don't need the cash, or won't in the next 13 weeks, powerup. We are hardly at a selling point in the cycle. The chances of being better off later down the road are too great for me to resist. Also, I find the more Steem Power one has the more Respect they have. It's almost as or more important than reputation.

I think you should do a monthly tally whenever. I track certain things by month, week, post or year.

I'm not too big on leasing out my Steem anymore. I have the time to use it properly and as I mentioned above, the more you have the better you tend to do until a certain point. Once your average blog gets above 30SBD, you tend to lose support. It's much easier to target around 10 each.

As for SEO, I want to clarify more, it would definitely help you with Wordpress more than me with Steem. I'm not really going to make recommendations for Steemit or Steempeak, I'm sure they know what they are doing. I have a few tools I use from time to time for various elements of my blog, especially when I feel the topic or photos are lacking. I want to share them one time. You are probably familiar with some like Hemmingway or Grammarly. I do think Steempeak or Steemit should consider offering tips and suggestions on tags (make it so it can be turned off) editing toolbars, etc. If everyone's content improves, this only means good things.

Learning more about Steem and blogging in general keeps me happy and content here.

I am relieved - discretion is the better part of valour, right?

it takes me around 2 to 4 hours to write the average blog. This doesn't include finding pictures or research. Just editing, making the outline and writing.

Exactly. Add that all in, and you're probably closer to 8 - 10 hours.

the more Steem Power one has the more Respect they have. It's almost as or more important than reputation.

This I am learning. And yes, I think I will do a monthly tally and I am beginning to think more carefully about what I do with both my votes and my Steem.

My WP comes with YOAST which is SEO focused. I make use of it - quite a lot - it's quite helpful for readability scores. However, like Grammarly, it's US-English and because it focuses on "correctness", they "penalise" poetic license. That said, for a client's website, I make heavy use of it. And the other tools available.

Actually, I'd better get to it!

See you next time :D

I'm starting to experiment with the tools more and more myself. Actually, I signed up for Grammarly and I think they let me set it to Canadian English.

Color is underlined red, so is realised and theater. Perfect as they should be. I noticed UK and US. Not sure what spelling SA uses, but Canada is a mix of British and US...just tested it's good. But yeah, I hate how it ignores license. It still reminds me to double-check and sometimes it does catch things I shouldn't use my license for.

South Africa is a bit like Canada. The purists (I tend in that direction 🤐) use British English..

Posted using Partiko Android

Thank you for following my curation in November. I have no auto-votes and everything I do is done manually. I try to support as many people as I can and I usually give votes between 35 to 80% - when I like a post I don't mind giving a 100% vote as well.

I hope you won't be disappointed at the end of the month.

Have a good weekend!

Wow that's really great to know. If everyone tried to do more like thhis, Steem would be an even greater place.

I doubt I will be disappointed unless you substantially change your habits. I'm glad to give the people you find a little extra. If I'm happy with it, I may stcik to it longer or increase the %.

@abitcoinskeptic - you really gave some great and detailed information about curation here. I understand it a little better now. I appreciate the time it took you to do this post for us!

Glad you found that it was helpful. I do like writing these types of posts once in a while and it will be a monthly thing. I will change the format every month to keep things interesting, mostly for myself, but I guess others may like that.
Curation is difficult to grasp. It's not just voting, there needs to be a goal and a strategy. As long as the strategy isn't maximizing earnings from curation, I'm interested.

Oh gosh where to start, there is so much to do, i dont have enough hours in the day so i am here Reading and going to investigate my own Numbers. I feel i am doing some things right but there is always room for improvement.
And the question of suggestion who to curate, we got so many who could use extra help but thats normal running the Steemterminal Discord where only newbie redfish are. So see @heyhaveyamet where we come up with a blog A DAY with the new great warriors on steem, @steemtermial where we have the redfisfrally and all of the staff, also powerhouse members byteway. Exclude me i am not beging for a vote. Great to see you use @abh12345 status he is the kost consistent Numbers freak i know, oh and he is what i wake up for Sunday mornings just dont tell him......... which teminds me gonna ask my results from him in his monthly review Numbers blog.
Ok i Will reseach and let you know what my CSI and new plans,
Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween.
Numbers are confusing, but understanding them and improving them brings many benefits. It is worth it.

Thanks for all these recommendations of accounts to look into. Steemterminal is the one I'm least familiar with. I tried to help noobies enjoy Steem. Welcoming and showing new people the ropes is important and valuable. I tried it, it's not really my thing though.
Most people who beg for votes, don't really get many. I've never understood that strategy. It seems like doing something others find valuable is the best way to get rewarded.
I look forward to Asher's weekly league, too. I think I got my highest ever the last couple weeks because I've written a few controversial posts that end up with very long comments.
Good luck with CSI stuff. It took me a while to figure out the usefulness of it. I'm still not entirely sure.

Learned a lot from reading this post. I better take down some notes too. Relatively new on Steem and I like it. I have much to learn and improve on. 😊😊

Glad you learned. I still haven't figured out Steem and my 2 year anniversary is coming up at the end of this month. Gotta keep learning...

"use headerlabel everythinguse relevant tags and try to bring them uppick a normal titleuse things like lists, but don't go overboardname your picturesuse internal (steem and your posts) and external (url) linksuse hashtag '#' and '@' because these are also linksimprove your writing skillsuse grammar and spell check"
That is cool, any suggestion on alghoritm for seo
Very intetesting

Right now, I'm using Grammarly. They at least fix the spelling and the latest update, although not so useful for posts, can really help with comments. It analyzes the tone.

For people who use Word Press, Yoast is really great. I'm still looking into sites where you can copy-paste or analyze Steem blogs. It would be really great if Steemit or Steempeak integrated one of the popular tools for this. The Google SEO ranks will really shoot up quickly if people are using it.

I forgot to SPUD on the 1st @abitcoinskeptic, I guess it's never too late. I've been picking up Comment Coin (CC tags) off @mariannewest's posts. Once I get 10 I can use it too. 👍

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Never too late to spud. I got a CC coin the other day. I need to figure out what these are sooner or later to find if it is something I want to chase, too. I hope you get your 10 very soon.

I didn't know that about CSI, just thought it was Crime Scene Investigation (TV series) lol!

Well done on the power up! I look forward to welcoming you to triple dolphinhood!

I managed to score a great deal literally MINUTES before STEEM prices shot up past £0.11 in to the £0.12 range now (at time of writing) - grabbed 1800 at 1500sats and powered that straight up as a Halloween treat.

Decided to go for investment opportunities on dlease which has been far more fruitful for me than curation but now people are cottoning on to that, the ROI is starting to drop but I'm still getting the benefits of discovering a month or so ago.

I'm aiming for 20k by the end of the year now, think it's possible, will probably need to buy up another couple of k but Dolphin Mark II sounds pretty badass!

That seems like a nice Halloween Treat.
The Crypto exchange I'm using now is a little bit of a pain. It takes 12 to 72 hours for deposits to show up. The exchanges in Korea keep getting into trouble which is annoying. So I just buy once a month. I could use a credit card directly, but it costs a little more. I kinda want to cross over on my own Steem...

I'll get there before my November buy time.

20k by the end of the year sounds great. I'm aiming for 17500 by then. I think I'll need to buy 1200 more to definitely get there. It shouldn't be too difficult unless we see the price go exponential which would also be good for a better reason.

Yea the hardest part is waiting for BTC to make its way over from Coinbase Pro to Binance for me but once it's there, it's a case of sitting on the edge of my seat with my face literally in charts anticipating a move one way or the other. The way things are going though, I wouldn't be surprised if the price increases up to maybe £0.13-£0.14 in November, which would be a welcome sign. Just trying to capitalise on these prices before it's too late!

Payday is just under 3 weeks time and looking to pull the trigger again but until then, I'll have to live with car insurance renewal bill which has wiped out any spare fiat I had for the cause lol!

Oh I'm sure you'll easily get above 15K in the next 2 weeks no problem. Scot token conversions, post payouts and curation rewards will see you over the line nicely.

It's been quite a turn around from having around less than 500 at the beginning of this year (if I remember rightly) make it through minnow and surging through dolphin status. 20k is probably my goal and then see how it goes next year. Orcadom is probably a bridge too far for 2020... or ever lol

Two weeks sounds reasonable. I'll also be buying less Steem in 2020, regardless of the price movement. There are a few other cryptocurrencies in the top 50 I like and want to start stacking.

Other expenses in life definitely get in the way. I find I have more money during the winter since I go out less. Fortunately, not large expenses for me until my February vacation.

I'll be buying less steem because I want to buy a house 😁 those things ain't cheap in the UK! Hope the new purchases next year go well for you.

I always have money as I don't go out but then buy expensive things! Looking forward to reading about your vacation!

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There's a lot here to digest. I've never heard of CSI, but I just checked and I've got a 17. I haven't spent much time on Steemit since #newsteem got going, but when I do post I get good rewards. Better than I did with old Steem. I'd like to learn more about tribes and the New Steem stuff. I just don't know where to start.

Wow! 17 is a good CSI score for someone who has just stumbled across the indicator. Your name deserves the curator part in it.
Tribes are just a word for communities with their own Scot-token which is that thing on Steem-Engine. It's a side chain product and really neat, especially for thinking about what is possible. It is similar to the communities and SMTs that will be introduced in Q1 next year and actually part of Steem. I recommend starting with Steem Leo as they are focused on crypto, investing and business which looks like your kind of thing. They even have their own Steem-engine exchange.

New Steem is just the change in the consensus (and lack of one) since the hard fork that changed curation % and gave free downvotes. It's the reason you noticed your posts are earning more. The vast majority of votes no longer just go to bid bot users. Some people don't like this or think the changes are going too far. Since I don't see Steem in the top 30 blockchains, I disagree and think Steem needs to regain its status.

Awesome answer. I take the curation seriously. I always have.

I get the idea of tribes. I'm just not sure how they work. Are they all based on their hashtags, and tokens? I earn PAL by tagging PAL, but also see people tagging Neoxian a lot and CreativeCoin a lot. I tagged Neoxian once, but I can't see that I earned any tokens by doing it. I've looked at Steem Engine, but still not sure exactly how to use it. I have an idea for a token, but I want to be sure I have to time to promote before implementing it. So many questions ....

I agree about regaining status. Maybe the SMTs will help.

The tribes mpstly started put as tag this amd that to earn hashtags. Now they have organized and won't waste their time curating people for simply using their tags. If it is off topic, they may even downvote.
For the specific tags if you use their platform, you can often get more rewards. You can also try buying some fpr the omes you tag. These 2 ideas show some commitment. I did that using Steemp from selling tokens I wasn't interested in.

A lot of people jump in early, but if the tribe isn't managed well, prices will collapse, especially when honest finance giys start analyses.

Nice to see more put thought into SEO. While it sometimes feels like we are running around in the dark without better analytics hopefully one day it will be bit easier to see things are performing.

I like to link related content at the end of my posts and even in it. It’s my hope one day people start using the platform that is not so focused on the age of a post. Lots of great content out there lost in the void. The reward pool is only one way to earn from a post anyways once people start building themselves up to have a decent sized audience they can start rolling out methods that more traditional content creators use.

This is a good idea to review your month. You've been busy!

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Thanks. I'm posting less, but actually probably spending more time on Steem. I think once a month is bout right. Too often would mean too little content.

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Thanks for all the info. It’s a lot to digest and I will have to read the post again.

I try to avoid writing too many of these posts for that reason. But I am glad it is helpful for people.

Thanks for the information @abitcoinskeptic. There are so many useful tools and information everyday, it's difficult to keep up with everything. This will be quite useful :)

So much information and apps on Steem. It will keep growing and growing I'm sure.

Your post is most informative and beneficial to me.
I'm so glad I dropped by to read it.
Now, I know a lot about what to do and what NOT to do.
Thanks so much for sharing and making it easier for people like me :)

I hope it helps you to make your own decisions. Curation isn't easy. It's definitely something we all need to think about if increasing our Steem Power.

I'm sure you will keep using it to do great things.

Wow! You really go in depth there! I'm afraid I'm still somewhat lost on the curation bit but I have my tribes that I like to engage with and will follow the voting trail to make sure I don't miss voting for them. Also if I join in a challenge or something like that I want to see what others have posted for the challenge , contest or whatever.
#Powerhousecretives has been great to get a wide variety of better quality posts from different folks but I do tend to have my favorites!
Love Steemworld especially for my delegations!
Thanks for sharing this and I'm with you on making Steem awesome!

Thanks so much. I really like your posts, too. My topics are all over the place. It keeps me engaged and interested. It's also why I like PHC. I can find people I wouldn't come across in my normal posting and browsing topics. Still great stuff.

Curation is quite difficult. There are some basic rules you should follow. I think the most important is just vote for what you like first and foremost based on specific content or authors. Just try to spread it around a bit from time to time.

Your tribes are great. I like nature and homesteading.

So much information dude! Awesome job on a titanic post. Things are definitely changing and you clearly are a step ahead of the game.

Thanks for sharing.


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It's hard to figure out. I'm still piecing it all together myself, still evolving and adapting. I've been here for nearly two years. I cannot imagine how difficult it is for beginners. At least there is a lot of info about Steem on Steem.

Hmmm... I think I could really name my pictures at least! I will check out those other SEO tips... but to be honest, I'm in it to write... traffic would be nice... but I'm pretty realistic about that!