the use of bid bots is getting crowded again

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using a bot offer, meaning raping a prize pool. this is one of the biggest problems in steem. not only has a big effect on price. but damaging the quality of the platform. Just imagine, just a few words of the post getting a high voice. This is very unfair for other users who really have tried.

users who have joined 2 years or 3 years have understood steem trips. steem fell quickly because many criminals continued to rape the prize pool. both by using a bid bot, and by making as many posts as possible. and now steem starts to increase again. why do we have to drop it again? why do we have to repeat the mistake a second time.

Steem platform, a very extraordinary project. we should keep together. indeed users like me should not talk like this. These words are truly shameful for a user who has a little strength like me. I know that I'm not a witness or judge here. but I have great hopes to be able to see steem look good in all walks of life.

I say many thanks for visiting my blog. if you have some corrections in my post, let me know your opinion and do not hesitate to comment below. I want to share this content with @xpilar, @tonyz, @always1success @gidlark, @harkar, @r2cornell @streetstyle, and others.

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I do not fully agree with what you say. Too simple if the bidbot causes the fall in steem prices. the destruction of steem prices is not that simple, my friend. the sad thing is donvote is given to small fish, while the whale remains free to swim in the ocean bidbot. Are they (steemflagers) afraid downvote for whale accounts?

many whales who give delegation steem power to bidbot accounts like rocy, 1 upmewhale, buildawhale etc. even the founders of third-party dapps use bidbot, even though they do so by using a kind of bidbot proxy.

think again my friend :)

on the one hand I agree with you. that low quality posts are worthy of receiving downvotes. just a few sentences then buy a vote. this is very destructive and disturbing. but what about quality posts that buy votes? say this to your friends out there.

sweet greetings my friend