[IN]sider Report 18/01/2020

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Hey crypto lovers, I hope you are having an awesome week so far.

Just in case you were too busy to catch up on the latest happenings in the world of crypto this week, we have rounded up some of the most important news that you’ll hopefully find interesting.

1- STEEM Price Pumps After Adding NFT Support

2- 5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Cryptocurrency Trading Profits

3- 5 Signs You Need to Switch Your Cryptocurrency Exchange

4- Telegram Token Sale Canceled on Liquid Due to Failed Mainnet Launch

5- Bitcoin Outperformed by Mysterious Precious Metal With 220% Gains in 2019

6- Bitcoin at $100k More Likely Than Ever: Analysts Make Case for Huge Gains

7- Binance Blocks Russian User at Behest of Ukrainian Law Enforcement

8- CNBC Bullish on Bitcoin Again, Local Top May Already Be in

9- Strong Case for Bitcoin: GoFundMe Blocks Canadian Fundraisers Referencing Iran

10- Ethereum Will Be ‘Investment of the Decade’ If It Follows This Chart


So that was, in brief, some of the interesting new developments that unfolded in the global crypto space last week. If you think we missed out on any important news or events, do not hesitate to reach out.

Happy Sunday everyone :)

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Thanks for the article about Steem!

Now, whether the pump was actually caused by the announcement or whether it's another reason (i.e. a delayed pump due to SMT testnet, etc), nobody can really tell.

Also, I think it's important to mention that "Steem" has NFTs on a 2nd layer. NFTs aren't part of the Steem protocol, rather they're part of Steem Engine, which is a 2nd layer product. For anybody who isn't really sure what a 2nd layer is: a software that is utilizing the blockchain for the storage of data, with the business logic being off-chain.

Usually, 2nd layer solutions are far better than what the mainstream is providing and also, they're a great way for a blockchain to be scalable. For example, Bitcoin and Ethereum will need to rely on 2nd layer solutions, otherwise, they're not able to scale.

With this said: Steem Engine is a great product and I don't want to reduce the hype around NFTs in any way!

Especially since I know that a governance model for the Steem Smart Contracts (the underlying smart contracts 2nd layer platform Steem Engine uses) is currently being developed. Which means: the same way that Witnesses govern the Steem blockchain, soon Witnesses/Block Producers will govern Steem Smart Contracts, and thus also the Steem Engine NFTs. (at least based on my current knowledge).

Wow. These are nice happenings. We have been in the bears for a while . It's high time we climb up the scales.

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great share